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Press Release -- June 6th, 2012
Source: TeliaSonera AB

TeliaSonera International Carrier IPv6 enabled

TeliaSonera International Carrier welcomes and supports ISOC’s “This time it is for Real” initiative to mark the first day of permanent IPv6 operations within the communications industry.

The Internet Society (ISOC) organizes events to raise the awareness and speed of IPv6 implementation. Following lessons learned in a 24-hour IPv6 “flight test” during World IPv6 Day 2011, this year has been designated as World IPv6 Launch Day with the slogan “This time it is for real.” So far more than 2000 web sites (including Google and Facebook), some 60 network operators and equipment vendors will be making a commitment to permanent IPv6 operations and services.

On the global stage, TeliaSonera International Carrier will be representing the TeliaSonera group at this event.

Since pioneering the first commercially available IPv6 network in Europe 2001 TeliaSonera is now offering fully dual stack enable IPv6 services at POPs across 3 continents.

Erik Hallberg, President TeliaSonera International Carrier says “Dual stack IPv6 was enabled in TeliaSonera International Carrier’s AS1299’s core network in 2009. TeliaSonera International Carrier already has 80 percent of its customer base IPv6 enabled and is proactively working customers on IPv6 solutions. Roll-out to remaining POP’s continues and is over 90% and the upgrade of TeliaSonera’s DNS service to fully support IPv6 was done last year.

TeliaSonera International Carrier is a leading IPv6 enabled IP provider globally.

For more information, please call the TeliaSonera press office + 46-771 77 58 30,

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