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Press Release -- June 21st, 2012
Source: Huawei

Huawei and KPN International Complete Pan-European 400G Field Trial

[Amsterdam, the Netherlands, June 21, 2012]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, and KPN International, a leading telecommunications and ICT provider, announced the successful completion of the world’s first pan-European 400G field trial. The OTN-based 400G network spans 540 km between Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Dusseldorf (Germany) and vice versa. There is ample margin in the system, confirmed by adding 300km in the end terminal station. The successful trial of 400G long-haul transmission on a live network marks a major leap forward for 400G, which is no longer confined to the laboratory.

The exponential growth of traffic on the carrier backbone is accelerating the large-scale commercial deployment of 100G. The Huawei 100G solution stretches over 55,000 km worldwide. The high-speed transport industry is paying increasing attention to the technology beyond 100G with a keen eye on 400G.

The 400G transmission is tested on KPN International’s pan-European WDM backbone network, which was deployed by Huawei from 2008 using NG-WDM products and was the first to be upgraded to coherent 100G by Huawei in 2011. The link being tested is one of the busiest links. The trial confirms the results obtained before in laboratory environments and furthermore confirms that the transmission method used is indeed a very promising technique. The next step is to continue testing with onboard DSP functionality.

To stay in the lead of providing high-bandwidth services, KPN International continues to face forward and keeps investing in the next-generation transport technology. By successfully completing the 400G transmission field trial with Huawei, they demonstrated that their advanced WDM network is able to continue to provide state of the art services and is ready to accommodate also the future needs of their customers.

“Huawei has always taken a customer-centric approach to our R&D efforts. We are pleased to cooperate with top international carriers like KPN International, because that helps us design products suitable to customer needs and clarify the evolving trend of the next-generation transport network.” said Jack Wang, President of the Huawei Transport Network Product Line.

The transport network is an indispensable ICT infrastructure. Thanks to persistent dedication to innovation, Huawei has drawn up the overall technical architecture for the next generation transport network, well poised for the upcoming upsurge in digital traffic. In 2012, Huawei has unveiled a series of achievements. In addition to the world’s first pan-European 400G field trial, the world’s first 10 petabit all-optical switch prototype PPXC was rolled out, as well as a WDM prototype claiming the industry’s highest spectrum efficiency.

As a pioneer in 100G WDM, Huawei has deployed more than 25 commercial and 50 trial 100G networks. Huawei provides first-class transport network products, such as WDM/OTN/MS-OTN, MSTP/Hybrid MSTP, microwave products, and end-to-end network solutions. According to consultancy firm Ovum, Huawei is currently ranked No. 1 in the global optical network, WDM/OTN, and 100G/40G network markets as of Q1 2012.

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