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Press Release -- June 6th, 2012
Source: Hibernia Networks


Key Points:

  • Hibernia Atlantic and LuxConnect partner to expand global access and reach to offer Luxembourg’s data center customers instant high capacity, native Ethernet and wavelength services throughout Europe and the U.S.
  • Offers high capacity, on-demand connectivity to large enterprise companies, media conglomerates, financial firms and service providers
  • Offers the lowest latency connection from Frankfurt to Paris

SUMMIT, NJ & DUBLIN, IRELAND – June 6, 2012 – Hibernia Atlantic, a global and metro provider of diverse high bandwidth connectivity, and LuxConnect, one of Luxembourg’s national and international fiber network, data and access points, announce their partnership to expand their respective global network footprints. The partnership will leverage each company’s network reach, and secure connectivity throughout key European and U.S. cities including Luxembourg City, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Dublin and New York.

Now online content providers such as search engine operators or e-auction houses, media conglomerates, enterprise companies or any other high performance service provider with a need for fast and diverse high capacity, can connect from Luxembourg to Ireland and then across the pond to North America quickly and securely. This is especially relevant for companies who require large amounts of power, minimum data center costs and close proximity to all European and North American countries.

As Luxembourg is home to large enterprise and financial institutions, technology firms and media companies, the expanded network reach is a natural draw for the region. The partnership leverages high capacity links including 10 Gbps Ethernet connections, from LuxConnect’s facility in Luxembourg City to Hibernia Atlantic’s PoPs in Frankfurt and Paris, making it the lowest latency connection available. This additional, fast, high capacity will offer any data center customer in Luxembourg the ability to instantly have access to capacity throughout Europe and the U.S. with up to 10 Gbps. This new capacity access is critical for large bandwidth networks such as multimedia, financial and wholesale operators.

“In these competitive times content providers, financial exchanges, media companies and enterprises of all sizes are demanding high capacity, diverse networks to ensure resiliency and high performance for their IT infrastructures,” states Edouard Wangen, CEO of LuxConnect. “Our partnership with Hibernia further ensures that we can offer the latest technology and fastest network connections available.”

“Our partnership with LuxConnect will further enable this on-demand environment for high capacity and data center connectivity,” states Matt Johnson, VP Products & Strategy of Hibernia Atlantic. “This deal gives LuxConnect’s customers the ability to turn-up new multi Gbps capacity across the Atlantic in 5 days, from signature to service. Additionally, we can also specialize in next generation media services and transport. This makes us a compelling connectivity partner for the range of Luxembourg businesses currently seeking global access. We can also now bring the many customers, including financial firms, media houses and wholesale carriers, who currently reside on Hibernia’s ultra-fast network to Luxembourg City, for additional business growth and network opportunities. We are proud to partner with LuxConnect to offer increased options for our clients and theirs.”

François Biltgen, Luxembourg’s minister for Communications and Media, welcomes Hibernia’s decision to invest in Luxembourg. “Hibernia in Luxembourg is a fantastic confirmation that the Government’s strategy and connectivity investments over the recent years are bearing their fruits. Luxembourg has made it to the map of the leading ICT locations in Europe!” states François Biltgen.

LuxConnect manages and operates a high capacity network connecting Luxembourg to major hubs and data centers throughout Europe. With support from the Luxembourg government to further build out network access within the country, LuxConnect focuses on offering robust network options within the country, as well as connecting to major data centers and Internet Exchanges throughout Europe.

Built upon over 24,000 kilometers of high capacity network, Hibernia Atlantic offers simplified global reach to key cities throughout North America, UK, mainland Europe and Asia. With its newest transatlantic cable build, Project Express, a historic build further connecting the world’s financial and business hubs, companies will also have the fastest connectivity from the New York to London. By leveraging each other’s networks, Hibernia and LuxConnect create a robust offering of high performance, high capacity services for any firm or service provider that needs to establish a presence to and from this high-growth region.

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About Hibernia Atlantic:
Hibernia Atlantic operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia with its own submarine and terrestrial network between the United States, Canada and Europe. Hibernia offers over 120 redundant network Points of Presence (PoPs) on over 24,000 kilometers of fiber. Hibernia is a subsidiary of Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC) and owned by both CVC and Constellation Ventures Partners.

Hibernia provides secure and diverse dedicated Ethernet, DTM and optical- level service up to GigE, 10G and LanPhy wavelengths and traditional SONET/SDH services. In addition, Hibernia offers unparalleled support, flexibility and service. For more information on Hibernia Atlantic’s cutting-edge network or to view the company’s communication video, please visit

For Hibernia Atlantic media inquiries, please contact:
Jaymie Scotto & Associates

About LuxConnect:
LuxConnect SA is a private company owned by the Luxembourg Government. LuxConnect’s mission is to promote, enable and support the ICT market in and for Luxembourg.

LuxConnect builds and operates fault tolerant data centers in Luxembourg and rolls-out a growing dark fiber network throughout the country.

In the international connectivity market, LuxConnect offers wavelength services to Amsterdam and Brussels and is proud to provide the fastest available connectivity to Frankfurt and Paris. contact +352 27 61 68 1

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