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Press Release -- May 2nd, 2012
Source: EdgeCast Networks


Company is first to interconnect CDNs with live production traffic; secures key federation patents

SANTA MONICA, CA – May 2, 2012 – In an industry first, EdgeCast Networks, the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network (CDN), today announced that its OpenCDN federation platform is enabling the exchange of production traffic between independent CDN operators.

This innovation changes the content delivery landscape dramatically, because for the first time network operators can cache customer content in markets and regions where they have no infrastructure. This is vital as operators look to generate additional revenue without adding network CAPEX or impacting the user experience. EdgeCast’s proven performance and quality make OpenCDN a viable alternative to the traditional geoexpansion/network investment tradeoffs operators have struggled with for years.

EdgeCast also announced it has recently been granted several patents on techniques that are foundational to CDN interconnection, broadening the company’s significant intellectual property portfolio to include CDN federation.

In the complex world of interconnected data networks, EdgeCast’s OpenCDN has solved the problem of how CDNs can and should interconnect. Current participants in the EdgeCast federation include a large, tier-one North American operator as well as one of Asia’s largest carriers, Pacnet.

“Federation is important for operators because it allows them to offer the CDN capabilities of their network beyond their own regional customer base, and it is important for content providers because it allows them to form seamless relationships with multiple network operators and drive content deeper into more networks,” said Lydia Leong, research vice president at Gartner. “Successful federation of services will require not just technical federation capabilities, but also the facilitation of the business relationships between operators.”

By integrating networks, operators can expand their reach into new markets and offer more scale, capacity, and features to their customers. Content can be accessed from anywhere and automatically delivered from the edge server that will provide the best end user experience, regardless of which operator owns that server.

“With OpenCDN, the seamless, software-defined exchange of digital content between network operators has become a reality,” said James Segil, president and co-founder of EdgeCast Networks. “We have been building and evangelizing this for years, so it’s rewarding to see it working in the real world, with real production traffic and real money changing hands between operators. Federation is core to our telco enablement strategy, and another step toward our goal of improving the performance, capacity, and flexibility of the global Internet.”

Participants in the federation continue to act independently and retain full control of their network resources and customer relationships. EdgeCast charges no fees to become a participant in the OpenCDN federation.

About EdgeCast Networks
Delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, EdgeCast is the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network. The EdgeCast network serves billions of objects per hour on behalf of its customers and carries a significant percentage of the world’s internet traffic. The company’s software licensing group helps network operators deploy proven CDN technology on their own IP networks. To learn more, visit

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