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Press Release -- May 31st, 2012
Source: Hibernia Networks

TELE Greenland, Eastlink and Hibernia Atlantic Investigate Low Latency Route to Iceland

• Now offers options for dark fiber, dim waves and lit waves between 165 Halsey to 1400
Federal Blvd

• Initiative is part of a multi-year objective to invest in new telecommunications infrastructure
throughout New Jersey

• New route also exhibits certification of new lower latency equipment vendor, Vello Systems

• Complete solution for managed low latency and secondary route diversity
SUMMIT, NJ & DUBLIN, IRELAND – MAY 30, 2012 – Hibernia Atlantic, a global and metro
provider of diverse high bandwidth connectivity, announces today that its newly constructed low
latency route connecting 165 Halsey to 1400 Federal Blvd in New Jersey is ready for service.
Constructed by Cross River Fiber, this new route and strategic partnership provides customers with
increased diversity and lower latency than existing routes.

After a thorough planning and design process, Cross River Fiber and Hibernia engineers
collaborated on a solution that would showcase the strengths of the partnership and provide
customers with a unique alternative in the market. “Our initial customers have been pleasantly
surprised to find the actual latency on the new route was lower than expected,” states Joseph Hilt,
Senior Vice President of Financial Services for Hibernia Atlantic.

“This was a true team effort, with Cross River and Hibernia reviewing every aspect of construction
to the highest standards,” adds Michael Sevret, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy
Officer for Cross River Fiber. “If something wasn’t perfect, we went back and did it over. No detail
was overlooked.”

In addition, Hibernia has certified Vello Systems’ new latency-optimized equipment along this
route. The new equipment enables Hibernia to now offer 10Gigabit lit services to customers on the
new route with an SLA of 239 microseconds RTD. Vello Systems is the leader in low-latency
networking systems, with ultra-low-latency solutions at 10Gigabit and above, based on the
intelligent VellOSTM operating system for operational simplicity, software-defined networking, and
extreme reliability for mission critical applications.

“This new low latency route marks an important milestone for Hibernia and its commitment to New
Jersey,” states Kathy Perone, Chief Operating Officer for Hibernia Atlantic. “Our deep
understanding of the region and customers in the area made implementing this route possible. As
Cross River Fiber is also a New Jersey based company with proven technical capabilities,
selecting their network services for the new route was an easy decision for our team. In addition,
our team selected Vello Systems because of its low latency infrastructure systems with high port
densities and for its robust technology roadmap – all affording Hibernia key competitive

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Hibernia on this critical new route,” commented Vello
Systems CEO Karl May. “Vello’s networking solutions provide Hibernia with ultra-low-latency and
advanced software-defined networking capabilities which support more intelligent, powerful and
flexible networks, enabling Hibernia to offer the most compelling services to their customers.”
Hibernia Atlantic delivers wholesale capacity with a strong focus on customer support, route
diversity and competitive pricing. To find out additional Service Level Agreement (SLA) details for
Hibernia’s 165 Halsey route, contact

About Hibernia Atlantic:
Hibernia Atlantic operates a global network connecting North America, Europe and Asia with its
own submarine and terrestrial network between the United States, Canada and Europe. Hibernia
offers over 120 redundant network Points of Presence (PoPs) on over 24,000 kilometers of fiber.
Hibernia is a subsidiary of Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC) and owned by both CVC and
Constellation Ventures Partners.

Hibernia provides secure and diverse dedicated Ethernet, DTM and optical- level service up to
GigE, 10G and LanPhy wavelengths and traditional SONET/SDH services. In addition, Hibernia
offers unparalleled support, flexibility and service. For more information on Hibernia Atlantic’s
cutting-edge network or to view the company’s communication video, please visit

For Hibernia media inquiries, please contact:
Jaymie Scotto & Associates | +1.866.695.3629
About Cross River Fiber:
About Cross River Fiber Cross River Fiber, LLC, is a New Jersey-based CLEC (Competitive
Local Exchange Carrier) and boutique dark fiber solutions provider that designs, constructs and
maintains its own independent fiber-optic network infrastructure. Designed around your
company’s unique requirements, Cross River Fiber provides the most effective and scalable highspeed
fiber optic network for your business.
For Cross River Fiber Media Inquiries please contact:
iMiller Public Relations
About Vello
Vello Systems is a privately held Silicon Valley company pioneering in the emerging field of
software-defined networking by building networks controlled by a powerful network operating
system, VellOS™, to simplify connectivity of compute and storage resources within and between
data centers. Vello delivers solutions for latency sensitive applications for data center networking
including market data content delivery, storage replication and big data connections. Vello has an
established track record delivering scalable networking solutions to enterprises and service
providers in North America and Europe with over 1500 systems deployed. For further information,
For Vello inquiries, please contact:
Jeff Ferry
Tel. +1-650-273-2100

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