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Press Release -- April 26th, 2012
Source: Evoswitch

EvoSwitch – putting the power back into your servers

Power Usage Efficiency is a tremendously important term when talking about servers. You’ve heard us talking about it, you’ve seen our articles about it, you know it’s what makes us competitive. But in order to take it to another level we’ve started something new at EvoSwitch….

Together with TNO and many other partners, we have started working on a project which can be found when Googling the term Flexiquest. So, what’s it all about? Flexiquest examines the effects of managing demand for all parties in the energy value chain: producers, trading partners, (regional) grid administrators as well as the end users. Flexiquest is working toward business models that will enable all the parties in the chain to determine what more sustainable energy will mean for them specifically. “To what extent can we make the demand for energy more flexible?”, “What does more sustainable energy mean for the regional electricity transmission system operators in terms of grid transmission and the costs involved?”, and “What does more sustainable energy mean for the tariff that end users pay?” All these questions play an important role in this regard.

Eric Boonstra explains:  “It’s something really unique that we are trying to establish here. For the past several years we were already pushing boundaries when it came to PUE, however, this takes it to another level. Datacenters traditionally aimed at lowering the decimal number of the PUE value. We are now looking to see if it’s possible to harness the whole PUE number. With a PUE of 1.2 for our latest datahall we can still gain wins when it comes to the 0.2, but it’s within our ambitions to take a stab at the 1. Can you imagine what that will do to our client’s electricity bill?”

Jan Wiersma continued: “The topic of energy is of great importance when it comes to developing and maintaining a datacenter. Your clients trust you with their business, since part of their success relies on your ability to supply power 100% of the time, at a competitive rate. Mastering the energy grid will be an efficiency win both for ourselves, as well as for the client. From a technical point of view you want to take a look at securing the whole process, not just the PUE. By combining our technical knowledge, together with facility managers and TNO, we can make a very good business case. “

Larger scale deployment of sustainable energy is consistent with EU targets for sustainable growth. In the Netherlands, renewable energy accounted for 4% of total national energy usage in 2010. The EU target for renewable energy for the Netherlands is 14% in 2020.

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