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Press Release -- April 16th, 2012
Source: BTI Systems

BTI Extends the Industry’s First Integrated Services Delivery Platform with New Solutions for High-Growth Metro Applications

Significantly Enhances Scalability and Simplifies Multiservice Networks


BTI Systems, the global leader redefining service delivery for metro network operators, today at COMPTEL PLUS (Booth #101) announced new solutions to help service providers increase metro capacity, accelerate and monetize service delivery, simplify operations, and ensure SLA performance for Ethernet business, Mobile Backhaul and Data Center Interconnect and Cloud services.

The BTI packetVX 80, a new high-capacity Ethernet switching module for the BTI 7000 Series, and the BTI Service Access 810, a new member of BTI’s access product portfolio, are significant enhancements to BTI’s Integrated Services Delivery Platform. The Platform combines dynamically scalable packet optical capacity with application-aware intelligence and end-to-end service visibility to optimize the metro network. These solutions enable service providers to profitably keep pace with the rapid growth in high-demand services, including over-the-top (OTT) video, mobility, cloud computing and Ethernet business services.

“Network operators are faced with accelerating bandwidth requirements in the metro coupled with new revenue opportunities from value-added services, as IP and Cloud services continue to grow,” said Paul Crann, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Business Development at BTI Systems. “With an Integrated Services Delivery Platform, customers are able to streamline services provisioning while intelligently managing bandwidth and enabling new services.”

Eight Times the 10G Capacity, Unequaled Scalability in a Small Footprint

With one billion consumers owning smartphones by 2016 and spending reaching $1.3 trillion, according to Forrester Research, the demands for access to content through mobile devices alone is escalating at a feverish pace. In parallel with the tremendous wireless growth, wireline traffic is also escalating as more devices become IP-enabled and more services shift to the cloud. Metro providers have to meet these demands for capacity, while delivering superlative quality of customer experience, managing costs, increasing performance and driving revenues.

Designed for the cost-effective, operationally efficient scaling of metro networks, the BTI 7000 Series with packetVX 80 modules enables Mobile Backhaul, Ethernet business and Data Center/Cloud service providers to aggregate up to 640 Gigabits of capacity in a single compact 7 rack unit (RU) – representing market-leading density. This alleviates the need for new infrastructure equipment every time more bandwidth is required. Additionally, with a small footprint and high capacity the BTI 7000 Series delivers significant savings in power and cooling costs.

The BTI 7000 Series with integrated packetVX 80, Fixed Optical WDM and Four Degree (4D) ROADM functionality provides massive packet and optical networking scale with BTI Dynamic Optical Layer capacity and service provisioning flexibility.

“CTS Telecom utilized the BTI 7000 Series packet optical solutions as the heart of our Carrier Ethernet deployment,” said Robert Bender, Network Operations Manager at CTS. “We have been leveraging the 7000 Series DWDM capabilities and the packetVX at the network core, with 700 Series nodes at the edge. To keep up with our explosive bandwidth growth requirements, we plan to rapidly deploy the packetVX 80 to increase density and capacity through the integration of 10G transport rings. BTI’s solutions enable us to be very competitive, ensure great customer experiences and control costs.”

A Multiservice Access Solution that Simplifies Network Management

Service providers are moving rapidly from legacy technologies, such as Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM), to Carrier Ethernet to reap the benefits of better performance and increased capacity. This transformation requires that the metro provider consolidate multiple technologies, each previously requiring discrete management systems and equipment. The level of complexity in an environment of staggering bandwidth demands is costly, error-prone and does not enable an end-to-end view of what is happening in the network.

The BTI Service Access 810 provides an enhanced, end-to-end multiservice architecture to create an affordable and seamless migration path to high-performance WAN and wireless 4G backhaul services. With a single compact, multiservice access platform and management system, complexity is removed, provisioning of services is simplified, new services can be offered much more quickly and revenues are increased with better margins. Located either at the cell tower or business site, the BTI Service Access 810 is small and compact, and yet, enables metro providers to meet dynamic services opportunities including Ethernet business services, Mobile Backhaul, leased line replacement, and Packet and Optical Transport connectivity.

Additional Features of the BTI packetVX 80 include:

  • Fully integrated with the existing BTI 7000 Series
    • Seamless upgrade for BTI’s existing customers
    • Market-leading density for new customers
  • Supports non-blocking backplane stacking

Additional Features of the BTI 7000 Series include:

  • G.8032v2 ladder rings
    • Shared link ports between rings frees line port capacity
  • Availability of 4D ROADM functionality along with 2D ROADM

Additional Features of the BTI Service Access 810 include:

  • A compact, carrier-grade, tower ready solution
  • Supports TDM and Ethernet service delivery with modular flexibility
  • Full standards compliant including MEF CE 2.0

About BTI Systems

BTI Systems is the innovative networking company that creates high-capacity, application-aware service infrastructure for metropolitan networks. With an integrated suite of packet optical networking, application intelligence software and service-centric management products, BTI enables service and content providers to scale capacity and profitably deliver a mix of high-value applications, services and content to subscribers and businesses around the globe. More than 350 customers rely on BTI to monetize, accelerate and simplify service delivery. Headquartered in North America, BTI operates regional sales, marketing and R&D centers of excellence throughout the world. For more information, visit

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