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Press Release -- March 22nd, 2012
Source: Evoswitch

What happens when lightning strikes? How EvoSwitch’s datacenter weathered the storm

In late August of last year, we had a nasty shock when our datacenter was directly struck by lightning during a fierce storm. For any datacenter this could be a nightmare scenario – needless to say a surge of natural electricity and copious numbers of data storage devices do not go together!

Many datacenters in the region suffered in the same storm, however we were happy to report that not a single one of our racks in the datacenter was affected. However, this good outcome wasn’t down to luck. Though unlikely (or so we thought!), this eventuality was something that the experts at EvoSwitch were fully prepared for. When building our datacenter, we were sure to follow a number of technical standards and guidelines. These were designed to ensure that should something like a lightning strike occur, we would have everything in place to minimize its effect on the running of the datacenter and – most importantly – our storage of customers’ data.

As such, the sorts of protection which we are equipped with include aluminum plating across the roof of the datacenter, correct grounding and an appropriate class of lightning arrestor. We also have a back-up power supply which – if the worst had happened and the power to the datacenter had failed – would have lasted for 48 hours. Together, these provisions allowed us to withstand the lightning strike back in August.

As for what might have happened if they had not been in place – well, we can only speculate. It’s fair to say though, that the consequences could have been serious. Although unpleasant, these sorts of occurrences serve to emphasize the need for planning and preparation. We all know how unpredictable weather can be, so it’s our job to be one step ahead!

In addition to protection against extreme weather conditions, every precaution is taken to ensure that the building is kept safe and secure in other ways. Our security services include CCTV cameras both inside and outside the datacenter, security guards on-site 24-7 and electric fencing around the full perimeter.

These forms of security monitor and restrict access to the site and to our IT housing solutions, to guarantee complete protection for the storage of data.

So as you can see, good security systems extend to all potential threats. From the prevention of intruders to less frequent risks such as extreme weather including rain, fire and storms, all necessary steps must be taken in risk planning and management.

If you have any questions, do let us know – we’re always happy to offer you our advice and recommendations, or simply to provide you with further information. Or why not leave us a comment in the box below? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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