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Press Release -- March 26th, 2012
Source: Equinix

Nirvanix Offers Direct Connections to Cloud Storage within Equinix Data Centers Worldwide

Direct Connections Provide Customers with Improved Throughput, Performance and Cost Savings

SAN DIEGO, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Nirvanix, the leader in enterprise-class cloud storage services, today announced the availability of direct connections to its Cloud Storage Network™ in Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX – News) International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers. By offering this direct connection to Nirvanix offerings, new and existing Equinix customers are able to establish a private network connection between their owned or managed IT infrastructure and the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network in the same data center—providing immediate access to the Nirvanix Cloud File System™, designed to support millions of users, billions of objects and exabytes of data. The service is currently available in Equinix data centers in New Jersey; Frankfurt, Germany; and Tokyo, Japan and enables customers to bypass Internet service providers to improve throughput, gain consistent network performance, reduce costs and add cloud storage capabilities to their existing IT foundation.

“Making cloud storage a virtual extension of an organization’s IT infrastructure is quickly replacing conventional approaches for applications such as backup and archival,” said Scott Genereux, President and CEO of Nirvanix. “By offering direct connections to our Cloud Storage Network, Equinix customers running a cloud computing environment or a SAN storage infrastructure can now establish an immediate and direct connection into our public cloud for on-demand storage capacity, availability and bandwidth. This provides them with continuous data access achieved by multiple live replicas spread across a global grid, enabling work-flow sharing and content collaboration across multiple diverse locations while maintaining data consistency.”

“Given the degree of variability and uncertainty around bandwidth, speed and latency that comes with relying on the public internet for core application connectivity, many customers are looking to connect their IT infrastructure directly to their cloud service providers, a solution that improves performance and security, reduces cost and enables new business capabilities,” said Chris Sharp, General Manager, Cloud and Content for Equinix. “This partnership provides customers with a high bandwidth and low latency connection to Nirvanix’s leading enterprise-class cloud storage services and is a welcome addition to the Platform Equinix ecosystem of more than 300 cloud service providers and the destination of more than 4,000 companies.”

For Equinix customers, this service provides new business-enabling capabilities, including:

  • High volume data transfer: high bandwidth connectivity enables customers to more efficiently, cost-effectively and securely upload or download large amounts of data from the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network.
  • Enhanced performance: high bandwidth, low latency connectivity enables customers to treat Nirvanix cloud storage as part of the data center for more frequent migration/replication of data, allowing for more homogeneous business continuity/disaster recovery policies, and retention strategies.
  • Hybrid cloud storage: With a Nirvanix Hybrid Cloud Storage node deployed within an Equinix data center and a direct connection, customers can maintain cloud storage capacity on premises for frequently accessed data plus have the ability to access the public cloud for on-demand capacity and bandwidth, supporting cloudbursting during peak business hours.
  • Concurrent access to public and private resources: Nirvanix direct connections can be partitioned into multiple logical connections, enabling customers to use the same connection to access public and private resources.

About Nirvanix
Nirvanix is the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud storage services designed specifically for customers with expectations of extreme security, reliability and redundancy. Under its CloudComplete™ portfolio, Nirvanix is the only company that offers fully managed public, hybrid and private cloud storage services with usage-based pricing. The company’s battle-hardened, proven second generation technology is utilized by leading IT OEMs and is fully integrated with third-party backup and archiving software products and appliances, enabling One Click to the Cloud™. Nirvanix has global customers accessing its Cloud Storage Network™, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

For more information visit and follow Nirvanix on Twitter.

Nirvanix, Cloud Storage Network, CloudComplete, CloudNAS, Cloud File System and One Click to the Cloud are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nirvanix, Inc. Other marks are the property of the companies with which they are associated.

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