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Press Release -- March 30th, 2012
Source: Huawei

Huawei Network Products Receive Certification from Miercom Test Center

[Shenzhen, China, 30 March, 2012]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced that 10 of the company’s enterprise network products received the coveted Miercom Performance Verified certification from Miercom, the leading, independent product test center.

Huawei products that received the Miercom Performance Verified certification include seven types of switches (Huawei S9300, S7700, S6700-EI, S5700-EI, S5700-LI, S2700-EI, and S1700 SNMP-based switches) and three types of AR G3 routers (Huawei AR1220VW, AR3260, and AR207V-P). Miercom found that these enterprise network products offer high performance, large capacity, interoperability and high availability, and have resiliency, energy efficiency, and low latency – fully meeting enterprise customers’ requirements for flexible networking and high-quality service support. Products are evaluated under the NetWORKS As Advertised program, the industry’s most thorough and trusted assessment for product usability and performance.

Enterprise networks are facing new requirements for functionality, performance, security, and reliability and Huawei’s switches meet the high-bandwidth requirements of real-time multimedia services and the high-density access requirements of 10GE servers in the cloud era. Miercom found that Huawei’s S9300, S7700, S6700-EI, S5700-LI, S5700-EI, and S2700-EI series campus switches provide industry-leading forwarding performance and reliability and offer the industry’s highest-density 10GE boards (40*10GE). In addition, with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and access controller (AC) functions, Huawei campus switches help enterprises quickly and efficiently set up WiFi hotspots for ubiquitous mobile office access. Huawei switches are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, consuming at least 25% less power than the industry average.

The next-generation and energy-conserving Huawei S1700 SNMP-based switch suits applications in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), hotels, and schools. According to Miercom, the S1700 provides robust security functions to prevent multiple attacks and achieves outstanding energy savings. The S1700 also features one-button system recovery and upgrade, as well as proven interoperability with switches from other vendors.

Huawei’s AR G3 routers provide versatile solutions for enterprise networks that are evolving into integrated wired/wireless networks. After testing Huawei’s AR G3 routers, Miercom found the performance to be twice the industry average. These routers are designed with industry-leading 3G/LTE features and WiFi access capabilities and provide a rich set of service interfaces and voice features and support IP phones from multiple vendors.

“The enterprise market is entering an era of high-definition multimedia and flexible access,” said Miercom CEO Robert Smithers. “In this era, we need more powerful network equipment to ensure the performance, reliable access, and interoperability required for enterprises’ video and voice services. Through our tests, we find that Huawei’s switches and access routers perform remarkably in these aspects. We are also impressed with the leading environmentally friendly and energy-conserving designs of Huawei’s switches and access routers.”

“Customer requirements are the driving force behind our constant innovations in enterprise products,” said Liu Shaowei, president of Enterprise IP Product Line, Huawei. “We are constantly focused on offering the most competitive solutions and products in the industry to customers worldwide.”

Robert Smithers, Miercom CEO; Liu Shaowei, president of Enterprise IP Product Line, Huawei

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