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Press Release -- February 23rd, 2012
Source: Metro Ethernet Forum

MEF and Bob Metcalfe Announce Carrier Ethernet 2.0

February 23, 2012 Los Angeles: Bob Metcalfe, the Inventor of Ethernet and MEF Advisory Director, today announces the launch of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0), characterized by three powerful and standardized features: Multiple Classes of Service (Multi-CoS), Interconnect and Manageability, enabling the delivery of differentiated applications over managed and interconnected networks globally. CE 2.0 is generationally advanced from the standardized Ethernet services delivered over a single provider’s network defined now as Carrier Ethernet 1.0 (CE 1.0).

“Many ‘new Ethernets’ were born since its humble 2.94 Mbps beginnings in Palo Alto,” said Metcalfe, “It’s been more than a decade since Ethernet ventured out into the wide area network, and 7 years since we defined the first carrier-class networks and services that we all know as Carrier Ethernet. Just as the web browser revolutionized the efficiency and usability of the Internet, CE 2.0 is positioned to revolutionize the efficiency and usability of Ethernet Service Delivery.”

CE 2.0 greatly expands from 3 services in CE 1.0 to 8 services, 2 of each respectively in E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, and E-Access, as defined in MEF Service Specifications and Implementation Agreements (MEF 6.1, 6.1.1, 22.1,33). Further, CE 2.0 carries newly standardized and powerful service features of Multi-CoS with Performance Objectives, Interconnect and Manageability, through the integrated delivery of MEF Service Attributes (MEF 10.2, 10.2.1, 26.1), Implementation Agreements (MEF 13, 20, 23.1) and Management Specifications (MEF 7.1, 16, 17, 30, 31).

“The approval of key MEF specifications and implementation agreements in 2012 marks the tipping point that this new generation of services and networks can be confidently implemented and deployed as a new industry standards” said Nan Chen, MEF Founder and President. “CE 2.0 provides a new dimension for industry growth and prosperity.”

CE 2.0 delivers significant values to all stakeholders worldwide: enterprises, small/medium businesses, retail/wholesale service providers, mobile operators, and network equipment manufacturers.

“For the Enterprise, CE 2.0 will mean more consistent performance levels and associated SLA’s regardless of office location; It will also enable enterprises to reach all their offices more efficiently on a global basis.” said Mike Volgende, Chairman of the MEF Board, and Director of Business Process Management at Verizon.
“For the small/medium business, it will further the availability of capabilities such as Internet and hosted services on a single Carrier Ethernet connection, with higher SLA’s for those hosted services.”

For network equipment manufacturers, it means additional new markets and opportunities, augmenting already hot-selling Carrier Ethernet equipment.” said Phil Tilley, MEF Global Marketing Committee Co-Chair, Alcatel-Lucent Director Portfolio Strategy.
“For mobile operators, it means a foundation for additional efficiencies and cost-savings through implementation of Mobile-Backhaul-specific Multi-CoS performance objectives, packet and network-based synchronization, resiliency performance, and service OAM fault management.”

“For the retail service providers, it means that they can expand their footprint more efficiently globally; It also means the guarantee of certain performance criteria whether on or off net.” said Carlos Benavides, MEF Global Marketing Committee Co-Chair, Verizon Group Manager for Access Strategy.
“For the wholesale provider, it means increased revenue by more easily wholesaling existing footprint; it also means the standardized performance that must be delivered from the access network.”
“CE 2.0 underscores the MEF’s commitment to advance the industry and further promote the global adoption of Ethernet services through a new generation of standards,” said Karen Schmidt, MEF Board Member, Executive Director of Data Product Management & Strategy at Comcast Business Services. “Comcast has long-supported the standardization of Carrier Ethernet and we look forward to working with the MEF on CE 2.0 and the benefits it will bring to our mid-market customers.”

“We are delighted with the latest advancement of Carrier Ethernet on Multi-CoS, Interconnect and Manageability.” said Huiling Zhao, MEF Advisory Director, Vice President of China Telecom. “We are seeing large potential of CE 2.0 in the fast growing China Ethernet Market, in mobile backhaul, business and cloud services.”

“The MEF Certification program has done more than just verify compliance, it has established a standard for deployed services. As CE 2.0 is introduced, once again MEF Certification will play a vital role of speeding deployment, creating a trusted baseline and establishing proper recognition for those who bring CE 2.0 benefits to market, especially to the end user,” explained Eric Puetz, MEF Certification Committee Co-Chair, Director of Broadband, Access and Transport Standards at AT&T. “CE2.0 Certification will be soon available to MEF members.”

“Carrier Ethernet generations outline a framework and roadmap for our effort and development at the MEF and for the entire Carrier Ethernet industry.” Stated Nan Chen, MEF Founder and President. “Future generation networks and services will be geared towards ever more simple and automated service delivery. However, for now and the foreseeable future, CE 2.0, the generationally advanced networks and services with Multi-CoS, Interconnect and Manageability, delivering over 8 Ethernet services, is positioned to produce unmatched values to all stakeholders, and to change this industry, again.”

About The MEF:
The MEF is a global industry alliance comprising more than 190 organizations including telecommunications service providers, cable MSOs, network equipment/software manufacturers, semiconductors vendors and testing organizations. The MEF’s mission is to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. The MEF develops Carrier Ethernet technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide.

For more information about the Forum, including a complete listing of all current MEF members, please visit the MEF web site

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