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Press Release -- February 23rd, 2012
Source: AMS-IX

Launch of World-Class Internet Peering Platform “AMS-IX Hong Kong”

Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC) and Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) today announced the launch of AMS-IX Hong Kong service, a professional Internet Exchange in Hong Kong, to boost regional Internet traffic and develop Hong Kong into a major Internet Exchange hub in the region. The new Internet Exchange builds on the formula of AMS-IX in Europe, which has grown into the largest group of interconnected IP networks in the world. This new collaboration will allow users in Asia to access extensive Internet networks via a single platform, while users of AMS-IX in Europe can extend their capacity in the Asia Pacific region.

AMS-IX Hong Kong: a carrier-grade internet peering platform in Asia

AMS-IX Hong Kong is the first Internet Exchange platform in Asia between an Asia-based carrier and a Europe-based exchange, with HGC becoming an exclusive worldwide sales and marketing arm for AMS-IX Hong Kong service. Backed by HGC’s extensive fibre-optic network, world-class data centres, and highly meshed international network, customers will be able to connect with the platform via dedicated ports with speeds of 1Gbps to multiple 1Gbps or 10Gbps. AMS-IX Hong Kong will serve as a neutral and independent peering platform with unrivalled quality of both private and public peering services at carrier-grade level to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet Content Providers (ICPs) and telecoms operators from all over Asia Pacific, providing better performance by reducing latency and packet loss. This exchange also caters for various future IP interconnection services among operators and customers.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Amsterdam Internet Exchange and delighted that AMS-IX has selected Hong Kong as their expansion base and HGC as their partner in Asia,” said Andrew Kwok, President of International Business, HGC. “HGC is the first Asian carrier to collaborate with AMS-IX by introducing a successful and well-established Internet Exchange model to the market. The AMS-IX Hong Kong service will be riding on Blue City service platform, a neutral interconnection platform invested by HGC. We are confident that this new Internet Exchange platform will help promote efficient bi-lateral and public peering in the Asia Pacific region, and further enhance Hong Kong’s position as a major exchange hub.”

Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX, commented: “Hong Kong is an amazing hub for the financial, logistics and telecoms industries in the ever growing Asian market.” Witteman added: “The AMS-IX collaboration with HGC not only connects these two cities, improving the internet ecosystem, but underlines the historical significance of bringing the trading continents even closer in today’s era of virtual travel and trade. In HGC, we have found a partner that understands the way we think in the international context. Their professionalism, high service orientation and focus on trade match ours perfectly.”

Optimising Internet performance

AMS-IX Hong Kong will enable resourceful and direct Internet traffic exchange with fewer network hops reducing costs on IP transit and increasing routing resilience. It will also optimise Internet performance while securing better and more reliable network quality for end-users. Customers are also able to benefit from the multiple virtual links to numerous adjacent partners for bi-lateral peering.

Connecting to over 470 networks worldwide instantly through new platform

Amsterdam and Hong Kong are cities with similar traits, both relatively small geographically, traditionally very focused on international trade, sea and air logistics and both having open economies. This collaboration shows that both economies also count for the virtual trade and logistics. Through AMS-IX Hong Kong service, users in Asia can connect to more than 470 international networks, including a generous base of multinational members worldwide. In addition, AMS-IX Hong Kong enables Internet, mobile, telecoms and content providers already connected with AMS-IX Amsterdam to have direct access to Asian networks.

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