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Press Release -- November 4th, 2011
Source: Huawei
Tags: Equipment

Statement Regarding Inaccurate and Misleading Claims about Huawei’s Commercial Operations in Iran

Recently, there has been a news report that grossly misrepresents the commercial activities that our company is carrying out in Iran. Huawei’s work in Iran is no different than our work in any other market and we are only involved in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of telecommunications equipment that is for commercial and civilian use in Iran and other markets in which we operate. We have never been involved in and do not provide any services relating to monitoring or filtering technologies and equipment anywhere in the world.

In the interest of fact-based clarity, Huawei offers the following information to address some of the inaccurate statements included in that article:

As its telecom equipment supplier, Huawei provides a mobile news delivery platform to MTN Irancell, but we have no involvement in any aspect of the content of the information that is provided on that platform. Most importantly, we have absolutely no technology that can be used for news censorship.

Any Managed Services support we provide to MTN Irancell refers exclusively to the maintenance of equipment we supplied to this operator. Huawei is not capable of “overseeing”the network as reported in the article and we have no involvement in any type of monitoring and filtering activities.

Zaeim Electronic Industries, a non-exclusive re-seller of Huawei commercial telecom solutions in Iran, also works with many of our international competitors.

Contrary to what was reported, Huawei has no contracts with MCCI for any network services in the southern part of Iran and we do not provide any customer anywhere in the world with technologies or services that can track a user’s location.

The article leaves readers with the impression that Huawei dominates Iran’s telecommunications market and nothing could be further from the truth. Just this year, we lost two major contracts to our western competitors for commercial systems with two major telecommunications operators in Iran. A close look at the telecommunications market in Iran as well as relevant market share data would clearly show that Huawei is just one of the many telecommunications equipment providers in Iran and we are far from being the dominant player.

We have a very clear and established corporate code of conduct that is strictly followed and we are committed to ensuring that our operations are in full compliance with all related international standards and applicable laws and regulations. Huawei has also established an industry-standard trade compliance system and internal control program (ICP) for export, which ensures that Huawei’s technologies are used appropriately and lawfully.

As a global technology company, Huawei’s goal is to “enrich lives through communication”and to help the people of the markets in which we operate to better communicate with each other and with the outside world. We are proud to provide customers with the world’s most advanced telecommunications solutions that enable more people to experience the benefits of modern day communications. Today, more than one third of the world’s population benefits from the communication technologies provided by Huawei.

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