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Press Release -- November 29th, 2011
Source: Fibertech
Tags: Colocation

Fibertech Networks Partners with Lifeline Data Centers to Offer Network Diversity and Redundancy

Second fiber path into data center gives local companies the ability to institute businesscontinuity practices, which is often mandated by industry regulations

November 29, 2011 – ROCHESTER, NY and INDIANAPOLIS

Fibertech Networks, a leading provider of broadband capacity serving the Indianapolis community since 2002, has completed a dual fiber entrance to Lifeline Data Centers’ Eastgate facility. The new, second entrance willallow Indianapolis government, health care, and financial service organizations to effectively meet industry compliance standards for network uptime and access to information.

“Redundancy in the network is easily the most important offering that this dual entrance provides,” said Alex Carroll, president for Lifeline Data Centers. ”Customers that manage mission critical applications must be aligned with the telecommunications industry compliance standard TIA-942. One of the requirements with this standard is that there must be diverse, dual paths for customers that require 99.999% uptime and the entrance that Fibertech recently installed accomplishes this.”

The growing trend of network redundancy for businesses has resulted in data centers working to install dual paths into their facilities. A dual entrance consists of two separate cables, one containing the “in” fibers and one containing the “out” fibers. These cables follow different routes into and out of a site. From the point that the cable(s) leaves the splice enclosure it is considered property of the customer and not part of the facility. This is important because it makes a single point of failure impossible for the services provided by the carrier out of the data center.

This results in improved reliability of the services and prevents downtime for the customer. With the recent installation, Lifeline now has n+1 redundancy at its data centers, which means that services will still be available in the event of a component failure because there is at least one backup component to keep systems up and running.

Fibertech Networks owns and operates more than 250 miles of fiber optic cables in the market and has a great deal of experience working with data center companies to provide them with cost-efficient and reliable fiber installations.The company was the first to be able to provide local businesses with the dual entrance from the west and east side of the Eastgate facility out to the public right of way.

Fibertech has been working to increase its presence in data centers across its 23 market footprint in which it has network operations. Whether it’s a response to PCI DSS compliance in the financial industry, or HIPAA for healthcare organization, colocation and diversity in network capabilities, more and more businesses are increasingly being asked to ensure their disaster recovery and data storage efforts with the most uptime and redundancy. These network capabilities will become expected industry standards as more businesses and facilities work to protect their data and network services from natural and human-made disasters.

“We have been partners with Lifeline for nearly nine years and this shows in how we collaborate to meet the needs of both of our clients,” said Mike Hurley, vice president of sales and marketing for Fibertech. “The dual entrances that we build for data center companies are not a luxury, but a necessity to ensure that organizations can effectively data protection and access in the event that an unfortunate circumstance knocks out power or network services from one path.”

About Lifeline Data Centers
Since 2001, Lifeline Data Centers has helped companies improve uptime and control data center facilities costs. Lifeline provides facilities where companies can host their primary computer systems, disaster recovery sites and network cores. The company serves customers in industries ranging from healthcare and retail, to government and biotechnology. Regardless of the size or complexity of your data center needs, Lifeline Data Centers offers outsource data center facilities solutions.

About Fibertech Networks
Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Fibertech Networks is a leader in providing fiber-optic based network services throughout mid-size cities in the Eastern and Central regions of the United States. Fibertech was founded in May of 2000 and has built metro-area fiber networks in 24 mid-size markets in the Eastern U.S. Further information about the company can be found at

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