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Press Release -- November 7th, 2011
Source: Xtera
Tags: Equipment, Submarine Cable

Columbus Networks Deploys Xtera Regional Repeatered Submarine Solution on ARCOS-1

DALLAS, TEXAS – (November 7, 2011) –  Xtera Communications, Inc., a leading global provider of optical networking solutions, today announced that Columbus Networks upgraded the ARCOS-1 cable system with its recently introduced regional repeatered Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE). The 8,600-km submarine cable network connects the Caribbean, Central and South America to the United States using two repeatered and twenty-two unrepeatered links.

Xtera Communications first deployed its technology on the twenty-two unrepeatered segments of ARCOS-1 in 2008.  Since that time Xtera has been responsible for the capacity upgrades of the unrepeatered segments.  This is the first time the company has been called upon to increase capacity of the ARCOS-1 repeatered segments.  To meet the demand, Xtera deployed its regional repeatered submarine system.  Xtera’s regional repeatered solution uses a compact, cost-effective SLTE for repeatered links covering distances of five hundred to three thousand kilometers.  Xtera’s regional repeatered and unrepeatered segments are monitored by the same network management system.

“With Xtera’s new solution for regional repeatered applications, we now have the benefit of their technology on both our repeatered and unrepeatered segments.  These common capabilities across the entire network provide opportunities to accelerate service delivery, enable us to further improve our operation procedures and yield lower network operations cost,” said Peter Collins, Chief Technology Officer at Columbus Networks.

“Xtera is pleased to continue supporting growth on the ARCOS-1 cable.  This is another example of how continued technical advancements benefit not only new, but also existing networks,” said Jon Hopper, President and Chief Executive officer of Xtera Communications.

About Columbus Networks

Columbus Networks is a wholesale communications service provider that offers advanced, high-speed bandwidth capacity to telecommunications companies and Internet Service Providers.  Columbus Networks is the largest subsea fiber optic communications company connecting the United States, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.  The company’s undersea fiber optic networks span more than 18,000 kilometers of cable routes including Americas Region Caribbean Optical-ring System (ARCOS-1), Colombia – Florida Express (CFX), EC-Link cable system, Fibralink and Maya.  Columbus Networks is a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbus Communications based in Bridgetown, Barbados.  Columbus Networks is based in North Miami, Florida.  The company’s website is

Telephone: +1.786.274.7400.

About Xtera Communications

Xtera Communications specializes in network infrastructure that delivers maximum capacity, reach and value.  Providing solutions for enterprise and telecom companies, Xtera offers an extensive portfolio of optical and IP networking solutions for submarine, long-haul, regional and enterprise applications.  With deployments across five continents, Xtera’s optical transport solutions help service providers expand and accelerate their market reach with new deployments and extend the life of existing network assets with cost-effective upgrades.  Our IP networking solutions for WAN traffic management deliver efficient, flexible network optimization.  Xtera’s innovative technologies offer exceptional quality and performance, driving customer success.  For more information, visit

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