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Press Release -- October 3rd, 2011
Source: AboveNet
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Savtira Selects AboveNet to Provide High Bandwidth Connectivity for Global Network Operating Infrastructure

TAMPA, Fla. (October 3, 2011) – Telecommunication technology has come a long way since the dial-up days when sitting in front of a computer and waiting patiently as the Internet connected and files downloaded wasn`t anything unusual. Now, waiting more than a few seconds for any computer processing can send a tranquil person into a fury. High bandwidth connectivity solutions are not only a luxury for everyday end-users but a must for industry tech firms like, Savtira Corporation, a new provider of B2B Cloud Commerce solutions.

Savtira selected AboveNet, Inc. (NYSE:ABVT, news, filings), to provide the high bandwidth network in key domestic and international markets including New York, Chicago, London and Amsterdam. 

“For Savtira, high-speed, low-latency data transmission and connectivity is the muscle behind the services our company provides on a business-to-business basis. AboveNet was our premier choice in providing a private fiber metro network that includes high security protection when dealing with implementing payment transactions or internal publishing that needs encryption,” says Michael Avina, Savtira`s chief technology officer. “With AboveNet, we know we will be able to offer high-quality streaming with our IPTV and live broadcasting capabilities.”

Savtira is a developing software-as-a-service Cloud Commerce solutions company with a platform that uses e-commerce to sell both physical and digital goods using one unified shopping cart for convenient user transactions. The company creates custom-branded eStores for clients (retailers or other businesses) and grants those clients the option to access Savtira`s catalog.

The catalog contains millions of digital titles (movies, music, games, software, audio/e-books) and thousands of physical goods, but the bandwidth truly comes into play with the streaming capabilities Savtira will offer its clients. Savtira is also in the process of building the next carrier-class “Entertainment Distribution Network” (EDN) that streams all digital media from the cloud to any device. All types of software and digital media will be available to consumers on a rental or subscription basis. No download or installation will be necessary. Consumers will have the ability to pause media on one device and resume it on another. All data and configuration is stored within the cloud.

“Savtira is servicing a global e-commerce marketplace that needs the proper bandwidth infrastructure to be successful with their leading-edge cloud services,” said Bill LaPerch, president and chief executive officer of AboveNet. “We are very pleased to have been selected by Savtira to provide that high bandwidth, low latency infrastructure. I believe this partnership will provide customers with a differentiated cloud-based service that will be very successful in the marketplace.”

AboveNet provides a complete portfolio of metro Ethernet, WDM, Long Haul and IP transit services. AboveNet`s IP POP (point-of-presence) enables AboveNet to deliver Tier 1 IP transit, which is critical for fast-speed delivery. AboveNet is providing Savtira 10Gpbs Ethernet lines with the ability to add more centers as the company expands.

Savtira`s enterprise and carrier customers also can benefit from AboveNet`s world-class fiber optic network in both the U.S and Europe, with connections to buildings containing more than 450 data centers. Its infrastructure includes more than 2.3 million fiber miles, an intercity network spanning approximately 13,000 route miles and a global Tier 1 IP backbone.

Savtira also took into account AboveNet`s network reach, which spans to key cities like New York City, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin. AboveNet also serves international markets in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

About Savtira Corporation
Based in Tampa, Florida, Savtira is in the business of digital distribution with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) B2B e-commerce platform that is a turnkey system for the distribution, marketing, merchandising, and selling of both digital media and physical goods in a single store and a single, unified shopping cart. Savtira-powered stores are designed to meet the specific needs of retail partners so no two eStores are alike. All Savtira eStores are custom-branded for our partners. Extra features and services are offered on an à la carte basis. Savtira is also building the next carrier-class “Entertainment Distribution Network” (EDN), streaming all digital media from the cloud, with a feature set that eclipses anything on the market. For more information on Savtira, visit: or call 813.402.0123. Follow us on Twitter at:


About AboveNet, Inc.
AboveNet, Inc. provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers key network and IP services in and among top U.S. and European markets. AboveNet`s network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and government. For more information, please visit

Savtira is a registered trademark. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.


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