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Press Release -- September 8th, 2011
Source: Zayo Group
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Zayo and Envysion Congratulate Boulder, Colorado: Named the Second Geekiest City to Live by Forbes

LOUISVILLE, Colo.– September 8, 2011—Boulder, Colorado, has been named the second geekiest city in the US by Forbes in August 2011.  Zayo Group and Envysion, which are headquartered in Boulder County, congratulate Boulder for getting their “geek” on.

“At first I wasn’t sure whether or not being a geeky city was a good thing,” opined Dan Caruso,  president and CEO of Zayo Group and and Chairman of Envysion.  “After reading Forbes’ description, I realized being a geeky city is quite complementary.”

Boulder was chosen as second geekiest city in the U.S. based on the criteria of the U.S. National Science Foundation.  A “geek” is defined as any worker with a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering-related fields or someone who works in an occuptation that requires technology knowledge or training. The top 20 Cities in the U.S. were chosen according to the percentage of the workforce that hold occupations in the fields of science, technology, mathmateics, and engineering.

According to the Forbes report, over 17% of Boulder’s workforce is engaged in the technology and science fields. Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA edged out Boulder for the geek capital of the U.S. with a population of just over 18% engaged in the tech and science fields.  Boulder, like Silicon Valley, is a hub for startup technology companies.

Envysion is an example of a fast growing high tech company that is flourishing in Boulder county.  Envysion is the pioneer in the rapidly exploding Software as a Service category called “Managed Video as a Serivice” or “MVaaS”.  Recently, Envysion was named as one of Red Herring’s Top 100 companies.

“As Envysion continues on a growth trajectory, we are fortunate to be able to draw on the bright talent in Boulder County. Having our share of the ‘geekiest’ employees has enabled us to become the leader in the MVaaS market,” says Matt Steinfort, president and CEO of Envysion.

Zayo Group is another example of a company taking advantage of Boulder geekieness.  Zayo was founded in 2007 and was recently named the 2nd fastest growing large company in Colorado.  Zayo is a national provider of fiber-based bandwidth infrastructure and network-neutral colocation and interconnection services.

Both Zayo and Envysion are headquartered in the Boulder County town of Louisville.  However, both can trace their roots to the heart of Boulder.

“I recall with incredible fondness when the two companies shared a small building one block from Pearl Street in Boulder,” reflected Dan Caruso. “Part of me wishes we could still walk a couple blocks to the west end’s great restaurants.”

Zayo and Envysionattribute their success partlyto its qualified and commited employees living in the Boulder area.  Both companies regularly recruit from the universities in the area including University of Colorado, which is located in Boulder.  Zayo and Envysion’s employees are also involved in the community through professional associations, non-profit organizations, and community groups.


About Zayo Group

Based in Louisville, Colo., privately owned Zayo Group ( is a national provider of fiber-based bandwidth infrastructure and network-neutral colocation and interconnection services. Zayo serves wireline and wireless carriers, data centers, internet content and services companies, high bandwidth enterprises as well as federal, state and local government agencies. Zayo provides these services over regional, metro and fiber-to-the-tower networks. Zayo’s network assets include over 23,000 route miles, connecting 153 markets across 31 states plus Washington D.C. Additionally, Zayo has over 4,200 buildings on-net, more than 1,800 cell towers on-net, and over 170,000 square feet of colocation space. Zayo was recently named one of the Denver-areas Fastest Growing Private Companies by the Denver Business Journal.

About Envysion

Envysion enables businesses to increase profitability 10-15% by putting easy-to-use, video-based business intelligence into the hands of the entire organization. Envysion’s Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) solutions transform traditional video surveillance and enterprise business intelligence from niche applications used by a handful of users into a strategic management tool that provides instant and unfiltered business insights to users across operations, loss prevention, marketing and human resources. Envysion created the MVaaS model, which brings the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to video and disrupts the traditional video market. The MVaaS model enables Envysion to accelerate development and innovation cycles by making new capabilities immediately available to all users and eliminates the technology obsolescence that comes with the model year development cycles of traditional video providers. Envysion’s highly scalable and easy-to-manage MVaaS platform reaches across departments to 1000s of users and trusted third party partners without straining the IT department or network. Today, Envysion’s solutions are driving bottom line profitability improvements for large, national retail, restaurant, cinema, hospitality and convenience store operators. For more information, visit www.envysion.comor call 877.258.9441.

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