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Press Release -- September 9th, 2011
Source: Net Insight AB
Tags: Ethernet, MPLS, Router, Video, Wavelength

Net Insight launches new access portfolio for media networks

Nimbras 140, 230 and 320 broaden the Nimbra suite of products
bringing Net Insight’s benefits further into the network access

AMSTERDAM, (IBC) – Net Insight, a leading provider of efficient and scalable transport solutions for media, IP and broadcast networks, today announced a new portfolio for contribution and distribution network access. These products enable Net Insight to offer its customers a more complete end-to-end transport solution bringing the Nimbra portfolio’s unique QoS and service-centric control further into the customers’ premises.

As cost-effective, high-performance access solutions for multi-services, the products widen the reach of the Nimbra platform enabling network operators to further expand their network to new end-customers and new applications. As part of the whole Nimbra suite, Nimbras 140, 230 and 320 are supported by Net Insight’s Service-Centric Network Management tool, Nimbra Vision.

Nimbra 140 series – The Broadcast Fiber Optic Access Platform
Net Insight introduces a new series of high-quality, cost effective broadcast appliances, including O/E converters for video over fiber applications, wavelength/TDM multiplexers, audio embedders and optical failover switches. The Nimbra 140 series is ideal for cost-effective aggregation of video, audio and data services to the Nimbra 300 and 600 series MSR (Media Switch Routers).

The Nimbra 140 series is divided into two families of products. The Multiservice Modular System with subracks and enclosures in different formfactors, and a large range of functional modules for broadcast applications, and the Fiber Link Access System with low cost, high density optical link modules for SD/HD/3G/ASI.

Nimbra 230 – The Metro Ethernet Access Switch
Nimbra 230 is the first all Ethernet switch solution from Net Insight that allows media network owners to expand their Ethernet access network with enhanced, performance monitoring and end-to-end service provisioning. This product is a Carrier-Class Ethernet access switch ideal for Ethernet service demarcation, extension and aggre­gation.

The Nimbra 230 features 12 GE ports (SFP/RJ45), has a rugged fan-less design handling extended operating temperatures, dual redundant AC/-48VDC power feeding and ultra-low power consumption.
With flexible combo ports, advanced features for QoS and OAM, and support for ITU-T Synchronous Ethernet (Sync-E), the Nimbra 230 enables differentiated services over Carrier Ethernet networks to allow for new applications and business opportunities.

Nimbra 320 – The Compact Multiservice IP Gateway
The Nimbra 320 is a compact one-box access solution for true multi-service transport of media and data services, targeting the increasing demands for transport of real-time sensitive media and data applications with guaranteed QoS.

Applications range from high-end video services such as studio production and con­tribution, to broadcast distribution in IPTV/ Cable TV or DTT/Mobile networks.

With 8 built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 SFP trunk ports and one slot for Nimbra 300 series plug-in units, it provides QoS transport over either: SDH/SONET or IP/ MPLS/Ethernet networks for a large variety of data and media applications. A unique Time Transfer functionality provides near-GPS quality timing via fiber for reliable and independent timing support.

The integrated trunk ports can be con­figured as either: OC-3/STM-1, OC-12/ STM-4, OC-48/STM-16 or 10/100/1000 IP/Ethernet giving the Nimbra 320 an unprecedented flexibility and superior cost-efficiency. With support for IP/Ethernet trunks it can utilize cost effective Ethernet last mile connections for the transport of multiple services, using the Nimbra platform’s unique QoS enhanced links to improve QoS of the IP infrastructure and ensure end-to-end service integrity.
Like the other switches in the Nimbra series, Nimbra 320 features lossless routing a control plane for automated end-to-end provisioning (uni/multicast) and re-routing resilience against network faults. With up to 8 ASI/SDI ports or 16 Ethernet ports, support for any topology, QoS multicast and with a carrier class optical control plane Nimbra 320 is ready to take on the task of nationwide DTT distribution and BMN contribution networks.

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 For further information, please contact:
Per Lindgren, VP Business Development and co-founder of Net Insight, +46 8 685 04 00,

About Net Insight

Net Insight delivers the world’s most efficient and scalable transport solution for Broadcast and IP Media, Digital Terrestrial TV, Mobile TV and IPTV/CATV networks.

Net Insight products truly deliver 100 percent Quality of Service with three times improvement in utilization of bandwidth for a converged transport infrastructure. Net Insights Nimbra(TM) platform is the industry solution for video, voice and data, reducing operational costs by 50 percent and enhancing competitiveness in delivery of existing and new media services.

More than 130 world class customers run mission critical video services over Net Insight products in over 50 countries. Net Insight is quoted on the NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm.
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