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Press Release -- August 15th, 2011
Source: Huawei
Tags: Construction

Huawei Develops World’s First Node Level Vectoring Prototype

[Shenzhen, China, Aug 15, 2011]: Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced the successful development of the world’s first node level vectoring (NLV) prototype. The breakthrough technology allows small- and medium-capacity devices to work together to provide large-capacity vectoring functionality, significantly increasing bandwidth and enhancing network stability for DSL network operators. NLV also help operators optimize their network investments by enabling step-by-step construction and smooth network evolution that enables operators to reduce capital expenditures and lower the total cost of ownership.

As ultra-broadband services expand globally, operators around the world are facing ever-increasing demands for greater bandwidth access. This is especially true for DSL networks – the most widely used broadband technology – where “crosstalk” interference between DSL channels has significantly limited bandwidth capacity in the past. With Huawei’s NLV technology, crosstalk offsetting technologies eliminate crosstalk on lines, significantly enhancing VDSL2 performance.

According to lab data, when multiple NLV-enabled devices work together, they provide an average bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s over a 300m access distance and an average of 80 Mbit/s over a 500m access distance. The bandwidth increases by 70% from when vectoring has not been used.

Due to the nature that crosstalk randomly occurs on non-specific wire pairs in an entire bundle of cables, VDSL2 performance will be greatly enhanced only when NLV is used on all cables connected to a site. By comparison, the board level vectoring (BLV) technology and system level vectoring (SLV) technology cannot achieve such performance enhancement.

“DSL is a highly relevant technology with strong market prospects, and Huawei’s vectoring technology will effectively enhance the performance of DSL networks and prolong the lifecycle of copper wires,” said You Yiyong, president of Huawei’s Access Network Product Line. “Huawei is committed to being continuously involved in the development of industry standards and new technology research. The newly developed NLV prototype paves the way for market deployment of vectoring technology, which we expect within one or two years.”

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