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Press Release -- August 19th, 2011
Source: Cisco Systems
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Cisco Solutions to Provide Scalable Internet Access in Siberia

ussia’s Leading Telecommunications Service Provider to Deploy Cisco CRS-3, Ensuring Simultaneous Internet Access to Millions of Subscribers

NOVOSIBIRSK (Russia) August 19, 201 – Cisco today announced that Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), the leading telecommunications service provider in Russia and other CIS countries, has deployed the Cisco®CRS-3 Carrier Routing System to provide its rapidly growing audience of subscribers with high-quality Internet access despite the growing shortage of IPv4 addresses. The equipment was delivered by Sitronics IT, a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in Russia.

The Cisco Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (NAT) solution deployed by MTS makes it possible to connect new users by offering one address to several subscribers. The capability to extend the system to 80 million address translations will enable MTS to centralize Internet access for several regional mobile and fixed networks. In the initial phase, Cisco NAT has been installed in Siberia.  In future this technology will be implemented in all other regional subsidiaries across the country.

Key Facts / Highlights:

•      Development of 3G network along with data consumption’s growth caused a significant increase in the number of connected devices and resulted in exponential growth of simultaneous subscriber sessions.  Each user connected to the Web is to be identified by a unique IP address.  When mobile Internet dynamic IP addresses are used, a new temporary address is provided for each new connection.  If the network runs out of available IPv4 addresses, global Internet connectivity becomes impossible.

•      Today the IPv4 protocol is used in Russia, where each IP address is a combination of four numbers, e.g.  The number of addresses is limited.  IPv4 is able to support no more than 4.3 billion addresses worldwide. In the last 30 years global Internet adoption has led to IPv4 addresses becoming less available, which predetermines the migration to IPv6 with longer addresses and a much wider address space.

•      Cisco CRS-3 provides more than triple the capacity, from 320 gigabits per second to 1.12 terabits per second per shelf on existing power, cooling, and rack-space profile, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. It is enough to download the entire content of the U.S. Library of Congress in a little more than a second. It can provide simultaneous video communications for the whole population of China and – in less than four minutes – transmit all the movies created in the history of humankind.

Supporting Quotes:

Oleg Larionov, director of transport network department, MTS:

Development of mobile and fixed Internet, as well as availability of smart phones that connect automatically to download software updates, caused a serious shortage of IP addresses.  According to experts, in 2011 – 2012 the IPv4 address space is expected to be used up.  In the near future the problem will become visible not only to the experts, but also to rank-and-file Internet users who – if we fail to solve the problem proactively – will have to queue for an IP address to go online.  Cisco Carrier-Grade NAT will provide MTS subscribers with smooth and seamless migration to IPv6.  Experts believe that IPv6 will have enough addresses for another 10 to 20 years.  As a result our subscribers will be insured against address-related Internet access problems for decades ahead.

Andrei Kouzmitch, director of system engineering, Cisco Russia:

The Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System is a foundation basis for the next generation Internet.  Its implementation will enable MTS to set the pace for rapid proliferation of video technologies, mobile high-speed Internet access and new online services in the current decade.  It will also allow us to build more scalable and efficient networks.

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