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Press Release -- August 11th, 2011
Source: Allied Fiber
Tags: Colocation, Equipment, Video

AFL  Joins  Allied  Fiber’s  Dark  Fiber  Community  

Co m m u n ity  Co n n ects  A FL  w ith  O ptical  Tran spo rt  D ecisio n  M akers  

SPARTANBURG,  S.C.  –  August  9,  2011  –  AFL,  an  industry-­‐leading  provider  of  fiber  optic  products   and  integrated  services,  has  joined  the  Dark  Fiber  Community,  an  online  community  created  by   Allied  Fiber.  The  community  seeks  to  connect  key  vendors  with  buyers  that  are  planning  to  build   and  deploy  optical  transport  networks.      

Allied  Fiber’s  unique  online  platform  provides  information  about  AFL  and  its  capabilities.  Via  the   site  (http://dark-­‐,  users  can  learn  more  about  AFL  products  and  services,  contact   a  representative  directly,  or  set  up  virtual  meetings  with  potential  buyers  through  the  Dark  Fiber   Community’s  DealCenter  feature.  

“AFL  is  a  welcome  addition  to  the  Dark  Fiber  Community  network,”  states  Hunter  Newby,  CEO  of   Allied  Fiber.    “We  look  forward  to  AFL  providing  its  expertise  on  broadband  and  fiber  optic   engineering,  products  and  services  to  the  over  100  community  members.”  

“More  and  more  industries  now  rely  on  fiber  optic  networks  to  deliver  critical  information  quickly   and  securely,”  continues  Steve  Polidan,  National  Sales  Manager  for  AFL.    “The  Dark  Fiber   Community  is  an  excellent  way  for  AFL  for  expand  our  reach  and  connect  with  potential  buyers.”    

Since  its  inception  in  1984,  AFL  has  engineered  and  manufactured  fiber  optic  cable  and  accessories   for  a  variety  of  industries,  including  telecommunications,  broadband,  and  electric  utility.  Today  AFL   offers  a  full  end-­‐to-­‐end  optical  transport  solution  along  with  engineering  expertise  to  ensure  a   successful  implementation  of  these  networks.    

About  AFL:     AFL  provides  industry-­‐leading  products  and  services  to  the  electric  utility,  broadband,   communications,  OEM,  enterprise,  wireless  and  transit  rail  markets  as  well  as  the  emerging   markets  of  oil  and  gas,  mining,  nuclear,  avionics,  medical,  renewable  and  intelligent  grid.  The   company’s  diverse  product  portfolio  includes  fiber  optic  cable,  transmission  and  substation   accessories,  outside  plant  equipment,  connectors,  fusion  splicers,  test  equipment  and  training.   AFL’s  service  portfolio  includes  market-­‐leading  positions  with  the  foremost  communications   companies  supporting  both  the  central  office  and  outside  plant  areas.  

Founded  in  1984,  AFL  is  proud  to  offer  engineering  expertise,  exceptional  products  and  reliable   service  that  help  our  customers  improve  their  critical  and  electrical  infrastructure.  AFL  has  operations  in  the  U.S.,  Mexico,  Europe  and  Asia.  The  company  is  headquartered  in  Spartanburg,   SC,  and  is  a  wholly-­‐owned  subsidiary  of  Fujikura  Ltd.  of  Japan.  For  more  information,   visit      

Editorial  Contact:     Corie  Culp,  Public  Relations  Manager; AFL   ; 864.433.5409  ;    

About  Allied  Fiber   Allied  Fiber  owns,  builds  and  will  operate  its  own  network-­‐neutral,  fiber  optic  cable  system,   connecting  sub-­‐sea  landing  points,  cell  towers,  data  centers,  carrier  hotels,  colocation  huts,   enterprise  buildings,  schools  and  governments  with  next  generation,  long-­‐haul  and  short-­‐haul  dark   fiber.  This  necessary  dark  fiber  network,  planned  to  united  along  its  route  the  continental  United   States,  is  created  to  address  America’s  need  for  more  broadband  access,  wireless  backhaul,  data   center  distribution  and  lower  latency  communications  services.  Allied  Fiber  is  employing  the  most   advanced  fiber  optic  cables  in  its  multi-­‐  duct  dark  fiber  system  to  meet  the  ever  increasing   bandwidth  demands  for  wireless,  Video  over  IP  and  other  advanced  technologies  thus  enabling  the   development  of  the  Global  Broadband  Economy  for  the  United  States.  For  more  information,  please   visit

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