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Press Release -- June 7th, 2011
Source: NTT Communications
Tags: IPv6

NTT Communications Group participates in World IPv6 Day

It was a worldwide testing of IPv6 protocol to demonstrate its readiness to ensure successful transition from IPv4 environment.

Sponsored and organized by the Internet Society (ISOC) and major content providers such as Google and Facebook, the event was a 24-hours testing of public IPv6 deployment started 00:00 UTC on June 8, 2011. Participants enabled IPv6 on their main Websites for 24 hours, providing their Web content over IPv6 while testing connections to isolate any possible issues that may affect users in IPv6 environment.

•NTT Communications Group to Join World IPv6 Day Trial (Apr 28, 2011)

Participated websites of NTT Communications Group

NTT Communications

(in Japanese only)

NTT Plala

NTT PC Communications

(in Japanese only)

NTT America

IPv6 ready websites of NTT Communications

NTT Communications
Official Site

Global IP Network

NTT Europe

.com Master

(in Japanese only)

IPv6 verification site

(in Japanese only)

NTT Communications’ efforts in regard to IPv6

Actions of
NTT Communications

A brief history of IPv6

IPv6 Global Community

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IPv6 Ready Connected via IPv4
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IPv6 Ready Connected via IPv6
When the page is viewed via an IPv6 network, this icon appears on the screen.

Domain name ready for IPv6

IPv6 ready websites of NTT Communications

Please note that if you move from our site to another site via an IPv6 network, a page may not appear in some cases.

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