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Press Release -- June 8th, 2011
Source: Huawei
Tags: Equipment, Expansion, IPv6

Huawei Website Undergoes Successful IPv6 Test Run as Part of World IPv6 Day

[Shenzhen, China, 8 June, 2011]: Huawei, a leading telecom solutions provider, announced that it enabled IPv6 on its main website ( during the Internet Society’s (ISOC) World IPv6 Day on June 8, and that the test run was a success.

World IPv6 Day was organized by the ISOC and major content providers to test public IPv6 deployment during a coordinated 24-hour test period. Huawei and over 400 other participants took part, working together to promote, publicize, and apply IPv6 technology in order to ensure an eventual smooth, wide-scale evolution from IPv4 to IPv6.

IPv4 has been the default version of Internet Protocol since 1981 and, since then, it has served as the foundation for most Internet communications. The expansion of the Internet has essentially exhausted the existing addresses available with IPv4. IPv6 makes many more addresses available for use.

On World IPv6 Day, the official websites of all participants provided access services for IPv6 users as well as IPv4 users. The event aimed to monitor the stability, reliability, and security of IPv6 networks and services by increasing the number of IPv6 visitors. The day also served to locate and solve problems before the eventual large-scale application of IPv6 standards, and also to promote the smooth evolution of Internet technology from IPv4 to IPv6.

As one of the leading suppliers of IPv6 network equipment and solutions, in the past, Huawei has cooperated with three of the largest carriers in China and has successfully deployed IPv6 networks in several cities including Wuxi, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. In 2005, Huawei provided more than 70 percent of the IPv6 network equipment for China’s Next Generation Internet (CNGI) project, in what at the time amounted to the world’s largest IPv6 network. The CNGI project has since been operating smoothly. Furthermore, Huawei’s IPv6 network equipment and solutions have been successfully deployed at both the Shanghai World Expo and the China-ASEAN Expo, and will provide network services for the upcoming 2011 Summer Universiade in Shenzhen.

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