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Press Release -- June 20th, 2011
Source: Comba Telecom
Tags: Equipment

Comba Announces Portfolio of Camouflaged Antennas for Asia Pacific Market

Antenna Concealment Solution Helps Wireless Operators Overcome Site Issues and Facilitate Network Rollout and Enhancement

(20 June 2011, Hong Kong) – Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (“Comba” or “the Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 2342), a leading wireless enhancement solutions provider, will launch its portfolio of camouflaged antennas for the Asia Pacific market at the CommunicAsia2011 event held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore between 21-24 June 2011.

Increasingly, mobile operators are encountering challenges in network rollouts and enhancing wireless coverage. These challenges may come in the form of local regulations on visual environment and resistance from site owners, where the necessary antennas are perceived as unsightly and unseemly for the surroundings. Such issues often cause delays to projects and often the operator has no recourse but to use non-optimal sites or locate the antenna behind a structural facade, with adverse effects on performance and negative impact on project costs.

Helping operators to address these challenges, Comba has developed a portfolio of indoor and outdoor camouflaged antennas with a variety of engineered exteriors that can blend into the environment to overcome siting issues. The portfolio consists of two main types of antennas according to requirements: customized camouflaged antennas and integrated camouflaged antennas. Comba’s customized camouflaged antennas are a cost-effective solution where a camouflaged exterior is designed and fitted to standard antennas to match the surrounding environment with minimal effect on antenna performance. The Comba integrated camouflaged antenna is a highly engineered piece of equipment where the camouflaged exterior is the actual antenna radome, thereby allowing optimal antenna performance without the degradation of signal gains and VSWR typical of traditional camouflage solutions.

Ms. Carol Ye, Deputy General Manager for Comba’s Antenna and Sub-Systems division said, “Siting issues are a serious problem for operators with actual financial impacts. For example, project costs may increase due to site approval delays, optimization costs may increase if an operator is forced to deploy from non-optimal site, and potentially lost revenue streams due to churn caused by customer dissatisfaction over delays and poor quality of the resultant coverage. Therefore, we are delighted to bring our latest antenna solutions to the market. Comba’s camouflaged antennas are developed with aesthetics and performance being a priority and are a proven solution with deployments in other parts of the world. Our antennas have been used by our customers in a variety of settings, from residential areas to historical sites where the visual ambience must be maintained. With this in mind, we work closely with our customers to ensure that their network objectives are reached.”

Comba is displaying a selection of its camouflaged antennas at CommunicAsia 2011 at Stand #1N2-07, Hall B


Comba’s camouflaged antennas have been deployed in a variety of applications

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