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Press Release -- March 21st, 2011
Source: tpx
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TelePacific Communications’ Wholesale Division boasts the largest Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service in California

TelePacific Communications, the largest California-based CLEC providing integrated voice and data telecommunications services in California and Nevada, announced that its’ Wholesale Division is now expanding its access services portfolio to include Ethernet Virtual Private LAN Service (E-VPLS).

E-VPLS combines the advantages of Ethernet connectivity with the geographic service footprint and security of TelePacific’s MPLS IP-VPN network. The result is a layer 2 WAN service that securely connects multiple end-user LANs across a geographically dispersed area.

Carriers may allow their end-users to maintain control of their network as if they owned the wiring that interconnects all of their bridged LANs. Corporate customers can maintain separate networking domains as if they were on the same LAN regardless of how far they are separated.

Carriers have options: E-VPLS is available in 1M-20M bandwidth speeds from 220 local serving offices in California and Nevada, and may be configured as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, or fully meshed any-to-any connectivity. TelePacific’s E-VPLS class of service (CoS) options, real time, critical, priority and standard, allow customers to prioritize voice, video, data and cloud-based services.

“TelePacific is excited about this new transport service for our customers, extending our highly rated Private Line services into the next generation that our customers have asked for,” said Russell Shipley, senior vice president wholesale and network services. “This enables us to provide our customers with rapid and flexible provisioning because the service bandwidth is not tied to the physical interface. E-VPLS is simple, flexible and easy to scale with ’plug and play’ technology. As Carriers add new services they can easily be made available to their end-users connected to our deep and dense E-VPLS network,” said Shipley.

TelePacific’s Ethernet transport portfolio offers many benefits to customers, including higher performance, scalable bandwidth, lower cost, ease of use and improved productivity. TelePacific also offers Service Level Agreements and around-the-clock network monitoring to ensure uptime and to quickly resolve any issues.

About TelePacific Communications
Headquartered in Los Angeles, TelePacific Communications is the leading competitive carrier in California and Nevada. In business since 1998, TelePacific provides services through a combination of TelePacific-owned switches and network infrastructure, including its own and leased robust fiber-optic network assets. Offering local and long distance voice, dedicated Internet access, private networking and data transport services as well as bundled voice and Internet solutions and Carrier wholesale services, TelePacific manages more than 38,000 customer accounts with more than 1.1 million access lines in service. For more information, visit

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