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Press Release -- March 15th, 2011
Source: Xtera
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New features include remote technical assistance, direct model upgrade/downgrade, and auto signature protocol update, taking bandwidth management efficiency to new levels.

March 15, 2011 – Taipei, Taiwan and Dallas, TX, USA – Xtera Communications’ IP Networking Group today announced the release of FlowOS V3.5 for AscenFlow, the industry’s leading enterprise WAN traffic management device. AscenFlow FlowOS V3.5 provides users with a powerful and flexible solution for optimizing network management, while also providing advanced features for web, cloud and video applications.

 This major release of FlowOS firmware includes several added features, including remote technical support, direct model upgrades and downgrades, as well as automatic online signature protocol updates. AscenFlow further enhances network security and stability with this release by providing more traffic shaping classes, more deployment modes and additional authentication methods.

 FlowOS V3.5 now supports three new AscenFlow Traffic Analysis Models, the AF-M2020M (200Mbit/s), AF-M3100M (1Gbit/s) and AF-M6300M (3Gbit/s). Traffic Analysis Models allow monitoring of traffic flows without traffic shaping functionality. Traffic Analysis Models work in-line or in Sniffer mode for use with SPAN/mirror ports and network TAPs. Traffic Analysis Models can be upgraded to full traffic shaping capability via License Key at any time.

 “The explosion of bandwidth in the enterprise continues unabated,” said Steve Robinson, Xtera’s SVP and General Manager. “In the past few years, the introduction of social networking and rich media services has resulted in big increases in bandwidth demand within the enterprise. With over 80 million tablet computers expected to be sold by 2012, most of which will end up on enterprise WiFi networks, we are headed for another revolutionary change in the way bandwidth is consumed and applications are used.  If you don’t understand your traffic patterns and can’t control some of the low-priority traffic, you will be faced with continuing network upgrades without corresponding gains in productivity”.

 AscenFlow delivers comprehensive WAN traffic management by accurately analyzing bandwidth usage, monitoring network traffic patterns, and intelligently categorizing all traffic flowing between the LAN and WAN in enterprise networks. AscenFlow enables administrators to monitor and control network traffic by source, destination, application, and/or authenticated subscriber. This improves application response times, solves traffic bottlenecking, and increases network security. AscenFlow benefits end-users by enhancing the quality of experience with faster response times and assured performance of mission critical applications. AscenFlow fits into almost any enterprise network environment with throughput ranging from 10Mbit/s to 3Gbit/s.

The AscenFlow family of WAN Traffic Management appliances is available from a network of Xtera Channel Partners in over 40 countries. For more information about Xtera or AscenFlow product features, please visit us at:

About Xtera Communications  

Xtera Communications specializes in network infrastructure that delivers maximum capacity, reach and value. Providing solutions for enterprise and telecom companies, Xtera offers an extensive portfolio of optical and IP networking solutions for submarine, long-haul, regional, metropolitan and enterprise applications. With deployments across five continents, Xtera’s optical transport solutions help service providers expand and accelerate their market reach with new deployments and extend the life of existing network assets with cost-effective upgrades. Our IP networking solutions for WAN traffic management deliver efficient, flexible network optimization. Xtera’s innovative technologies offer exceptional quality and performance, driving customer success. For more information, visit

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