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Press Release -- March 1st, 2011
Source: CENX
Tags: Ethernet, Exchange, Low Latency

CENX Cracks the Code on Ethernet Wireless Backhaul Wireless Carriers Leverage CENX to Create and Manage Ubiquitous Ethernet Wireless Backhaul

Jersey City, NJ, Tuesday March 1, 2011. CENX, Inc., operator of the world’s first and most connected Carrier Ethernet exchange, with more than 15 million accessible ESLs (Ethernet Service Locations), today announces the adoption of its strategically located Carrier Ethernet Exchanges to serve as aggregation points for various Ethernet wireless backhaul access providers, eliminating the need by the wireless carriers for costly and cumbersome Ethernet backhaul service integration, resulting in significant cost savings. In addition, CENX enables ubiquitous, end-to-end service inventory and monitoring, regardless of the backhaul operating model (wholly-owned vs. shared infrastructure), the myriad of backhaul access providers or the diverse backhaul technology (switched vs. dedicated) or media (e.g., fiber, microwave, copper), thus providing wireless carriers with a normalized view of the operating state of all its backhaul services on per service basis.

“CENX’s wireless backhaul application is a winner; its low turn-up costs, smooth scalability and high performance make it an obvious choice for integrating multiple Ethernet services–over fiber, microwave and copper–and multiple classes of service across a backhaul footprint,” said Marty Snyder, CEO Communications Infrastructure Corp., a leading designer of backhaul solutions for nearly every major wireless carrier.  “CENX’s proven wireless backhaul application provides wireless carriers with a single, integrated and normalized physical and service level interface by aggregating the services of multiple, diverse wireless backhaul providers, enabling dramatic savings of over 15% in access costs for the wireless carrier.”  CENX provides the backhaul scalability so vital for handling the demanding growth of the wireless handset applications. As with other CENX exchange services, its wireless backhaul application leverages CENX’s innovative implementation of Carrier Ethernet technology, allowing virtual connectivity, flexible bandwidth, use of multiple classes of services, unique QoS profiles, industry-first service level monitoring, high availability and low latency.

“Wireless carriers continue to tell us that delivering the bandwidth required in the wireless backhaul space is the single biggest challenge in the industry. Ethernet is the recognized solution for opening up bandwidth, and CENX creates and manages a ubiquitous Ethernet wireless backhaul platform specifically designed to meet wireless carriers’ technical and operating requirements,” said Herb Hribar, CEO of CENX. “CENX also addresses the critical unmet need in the network sharing models: Independent service management for each carrier across a shared network. CENX delivers superior value, cost savings and time-to-market benefits to wireless carriers, as well as extraordinary Carrier Ethernet knowledge and leadership.”

About CENX

CENX, Inc., operates the world’s first and most connected Carrier Ethernet exchange. CENX delivers award-winning, carrier-neutral, location-neutral, Carrier Ethernet exchange services to global, regional and local telecom/internet service providers. CENX interconnects service providers’ Carrier Ethernet networks worldwide, providing access to more than 15 million ESLs (Ethernet Service Locations). CENX simplifies, integrates, monitors and expedites services, enabling vast revenue opportunities, dramatic cost-saving and Carrier Ethernet global ubiquity. CENX’s investors include management and a number of world class firms, including DCM, Highland Capital Partners and Mesirow Financial. Through its work in the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) and in the industry, the CENX management team has played a leading role in the definition of standards and the development of the Carrier Ethernet market over the past ten years. For more information please contact CENX at, +1 847 905 1020, or visit

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