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Press Release -- February 7th, 2011
Source: Spread Networks
Tags: Ethernet, Exchange, Expansion, Low Latency, Wavelength

Spread Networks Announces Expansion of Low Latency Wave Service to Secaucus

Ridgeland, MS – February 7, 2011 – Spread Networks, LLC, a privately owned telecommunications provider, today announced the expansion of its low latency Ethernet wave service between Chicago, IL and NJ, adding Secaucus, NJ as a new endpoint. The low latency Ethernet service has an SLA of 15.75 milliseconds round-trip between 350 East Cermak Road, Chicago, IL, and 755 Secaucus Road, Secaucus, NJ, with measured performance below 15.50 milliseconds, the lowest latency of any commercially available wavelength service. Spread Networks’ wave service complements its flagship 13.33 millisecond roundtrip dark fiber network service, which connects America’s two largest financial centers.

The Spread Networks low latency service offers one and ten gigabit wave service, with each customer receiving a dedicated wavelength, so there is no shared bandwidth.

The route ends at the Equinix NY4 IBX data center in Secaucus, which hosts many financial market participants including the Boston Options Exchange and Direct Edge.

“Utilizing the backbone of our flagship dark fiber route connecting New York and Chicago, our low latency wave service enables us to reach a broader range of financial firms and enterprise customers by offering access at multiple New Jersey endpoints,” said David Barksdale, CEO of Spread Networks. “We have experienced solid demand from Secaucus based customers looking for the lowest latency wave connectivity to Chicago and we are committed to providing premium service in all the markets in which we operate.”

Spread Networks’ low latency wave service is a fully managed and secure point-to-point Ethernet service designed for enterprise customers that value low latency connectivity between the nation’s largest financial centers. In addition to electronic trading firms, this service is ideal for brokers, market data vendors, exchanges, electronic communication networks (ECN) and alternative trading systems (ATS) that value low latency. The network is monitored by a dedicated customer service team and backed by a competitive service level agreement.

Spread Networks’ fiber network was built from the ground up with the financial community in mind. In addition to its wave service, Spread Networks offers its flagship private dark fiber service that is the benchmark for ultra low latency connecting New York and Chicago in under 13.33 milliseconds roundtrip. To build this network, Spread Networks literally trenched a long-haul route on the shortest possible path connecting these two financial centers.

About Spread Networks
Spread Networks, a privately own telecommunications provider, built a new fiber network from the ground up, connecting New York and  Chicago to set a new standard for latency. Without the drag of traditional telecommunications offerings, Spread Networks provides its customers with a state-of-the-art diverse and secure fiber optic network to allow data to run as close as possible to the true speed of light through fiber.


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