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Press Release -- February 1st, 2011
Source: 360Networks
Tags: 100G, CLEC, Ethernet, Exchange, Expansion, Private Line, Router, VoIP

360networks Upgrades IP network

Enhancements improve customers’ transit economics of scale and network performance

SEATTLE, WA – February 1, 2011 — 360networks, a facilities-based wholesale provider of Private Line Transport, Ethernet, IP, VoIP and Local Access services, today announced completion of IP network upgrades.  Through this enhancement the company’s wholesale customers are better able to keep pace with demand for capacity from new IP applications and mobile users by benefitting from increased operating efficiency and network performance.

“Our fiber optic backbone and low-latent optical transport network – already one of the most advanced in the country – gives us a strong foundation to build from,” said Brady Adams, 360networks’ chief technical officer.  “We have enhanced overall network quality to ensure it remains that way.”

Specific upgrades include:

  • Integration of Juniper’s MX series Routers in the company’s IP core, enabling 360networks to scale its IP network to meet customers’ higher bandwidth needs.
  • Expansion of bandwidth and service capabilities by deploying Alcatel-Lucent’s 1830 Photonic Service Switches covering over 8,000 route miles, enhancing the transport layer and improving flexibility, with 100Gig-capable interfaces.
  • Enhancement to access capabilities by integrating Alcatel-Lucent’s 7750 Service Routers (SR), 7450 Ethernet Service Switches (ESS), and 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM), enabling highly efficient network administration and service activation, while supporting the company’s Layer 2 Ethernet (L2E) platform and 100Gig interfaces.
  • Expansion of Internet exchange coverage and capacity to provide customers with broader reach and enhance the company’s public and private peering capabilities.
  • Upgrading transit connections to peer the majority of the company’s IP Transit with the remainder utilizing only the highest performing IP transit networks.

“We not only realize the importance of the network components and technical designs within our network but also, how we interconnect and peer traffic to establish low-latent, high performance networks,” continued Mr. Adams.  “By enhancing these capabilities 360networks, our customers, and their end-users benefit from a higher performance/lower cost IP Transit solution.”

About 360networks
360networks is a full service wholesale provider of Private Line Transport, Ethernet, IP, VoIP, and Local Access (T1/DS3) services, on its wholly-owned fiber optic backbone.  Its facilities-based network provides deep coverage, spanning 18,000 miles to tier 1 to 4 U.S. markets (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming).  Financially stable and a CLEC in 36 states, 360networks enables the nation’s voice, data and web-based application and service providers to quickly pursue next generation strategies, migrate from legacy networks, grow into new markets and services, and increase network diversity.

360networks Media Contact:

Scott R Fincher,Product Marketing Manager

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