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Press Release -- January 18th, 2011
Source: Juniper Networks
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Juniper Networks Invests in Advanced Training & Education for Partners

Continuing Education Program Advances Expertise with New Specialized Accreditations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 18, 2011 — Juniper Networks (NASDAQ:JNPR, news, filings) announces a new training and education program built to enhance the expertise of Juniper partners in the key areas of cloud networking, security, switching, routing and mobility.

As a new offering in the Juniper Learning Academy curriculum, the new Continuing Education Program empowers sales and system engineers with valuable knowledge and skills through a variety of on-demand formats including online testing, webcasts, videos, and virtual demonstrations.

Available at no cost to Juniper partners, the Continuing Education Program features a flexible training structure that encourages partners to select courses appealing to their business model and technology interests. In turn, Juniper partners are awarded for their achievements with specialized accreditations of expertise that can be easily marketed to end-user customers and prospects to help win opportunities. Data Center and Switching accreditations are available today inside of the Learning Academy.

“Specialized training, education and hands-on experience are critical to the success of our partners and clearly differentiate and validate their expertise in the eyes of their customers and prospects,” says Frank Vitagliano, senior vice president of partners-America at Juniper Networks. “We take great pride in our proven ability to enable our partners to grow their business more profitably and build upon their expertise. partner enablement is a top priority at Juniper and an area we will continue to invest in.”

New Training Focuses on Market Expertise and Technology Specialization

Keeping the training paths simple and straightforward, Juniper divided the Continuing Education Program into two broad categories: Sales and Technical. Within each category, partners can select from a variety of course curricula focused on specific products, solutions and skill sets, as well as industry fundamentals, services and support.

To make it easy for partners to gauge their progress, each course is assigned credits based on several factors, such as time, difficulty, and select Juniper initiatives. Partners earn credits once they have successfully completed the exam. Credits are tracked via an easy-to-use, online point system within the Learning Center, and recognized through certificates and non-monetary rewards. Once a partner has achieved the specified amount of credits in a particular category they are awarded one of three designations: Sales or Technical Generalist, Advisor or Master.

“Juniper Networks is always thinking about what’s in it for the partner,” says Julio Sanchez, executive vice president of National Infrastructure, Fishnet. “Whether it’s a new product, program or service, you can count on Juniper to ensure the partner benefit and overall business value is crystal clear. Juniper’s commitment to our success is really second to none.”

Additional accreditations around specific technologies including Security and Mobility will be introduced at the 2011 Juniper Partner Conference, April 11-13.

Juniper Enhances Partner Center

Earlier this month, Juniper completed several enhancements to its Partner Center, the primary interface portal for Juniper Partners across the globe, including a redesigned home page and corresponding product, solution, training and tools pages. As part of the improvements, Juniper streamlined Partner Center navigation and page layouts to make it easier for Juniper Partners to access key information and commonly used resources and multimedia assets.

In addition, Select, Elite and Service Provider Infrastructure Juniper partners now have access to a set of specialized pages dedicated to key topics including customer acquisition and retention, as well as revenue and profit opportunities. Juniper partners will also find new resources designed to demonstrate Juniper’s unrivaled performance, business value and total cost of ownership.

Juniper Partners can access the new Continuing Education Program and Learning Academy through the enhanced Juniper Partner Center requires login.

A short video overview of the Learning Academy opens new window and the new Continuing Education Program opens new window are available now.

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