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Press Release -- August 10th, 2010
Source: Xtera
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Xtera Launches Highest Performance AscenFlow Models – M6000 Series

The AscenFlow M6100, M6300 and M6300 are Xtera’s highest-performing WAN Traffic Management appliances providing complete visibility and control of IP traffic flows in larger Enterprise networks

 August 10th, 2010 – Taipei, Taiwan and Dallas, TX, USA – Xtera Communications’ IP Networking Group today announced the release of the AscenFlow M6000-series of WAN Traffic Management appliances. The AscenFlow M6100, M6200 and M6300 are Xtera’s most powerful 2U form-factor appliances, supporting up to 3Gbit/s data throughput and 8 million simultaneous connections.

The AscenFlow M6000-series is aimed at enterprises, higher education, government agencies, and ISPs that already utilize high-bandwidth access technologies but continue to be affected by the explosive growth of rich media services on the Internet. Like the entire product family, the AscenFlow M6000-series enhances network performance by maximizing bandwidth resources and enforcing flow-control policies to guarantee bandwidth for business-critical application like ERP, CRM and VPN traffic while regulating the traffic volume of recreational services, such as YouTube, Facebook and P2P applications.

The AscenFlow M6000 series is completely transparent to network traffic and can be deployed in High Availability mode for increased reliability. GbE copper ports support standard hardware bypass. 10GbE SFP+ and GbE SFP fiber ports support optional hardware failure bypass. In-service, hitless upgrades can be performed from model-to-model, supporting 1Gbit/s, 2Gbit/s or 3Gbit/s of total data throughput.

“With virtualization, cloud computing and rich media services, the business IP network is changing as rapidly today as any time in its history and bandwidth demand continues to grow at nearly 50% per year*,” said Steve Robinson, Xtera’s SVP and General Manager.

The industry is racing towards cloud computing as a way to lower IT costs and offer services to the broadest range of employees.  Mission-critical business applications are no longer just resident on the LAN with its high “free” bandwidth but are migrating to the WAN, where they must compete for limited access bandwidth with both other business applications and recreational or entertainment services such as streaming video, social networking and online gaming. Many companies have discovered that after increasing Internet access bandwidth, user demand still outstrips supply – and still affects the performance of WAN-based business services.

IT management needs to understand network traffic trends and monitor or control the use of valuable and limited network resources in order to optimize application response while minimizing costs. AscenFlow allows complete control of traffic shaping to ensure that mission-critical applications get the bandwidth they need while recreational traffic is minimized or eliminated. AscenFlow with its companion application, FlowReport, provides summary reporting and in-depth, real-time and historical reporting and visualization of traffic flows, with simple but powerful database query tools and user-friendly web-GUI interfaces.

The full family of AscenFlow IP Traffic Managers supports data throughput from 10Mbit/s to over 3Gbit/s for complete coverage of the smallest branch office to the largest enterprise. AscenFlow features transparent operation, hardware and software failure bypass, “hitless” configuration changes and optional High Availability redundant hardware for maximum network availability.

The AscenFlow family of WAN Traffic Management appliances is available from a network of Xtera Channel Partners in over 40 countries. For more information about Xtera or AscenFlow product features, please visit us at:

Growing Pains: Bandwidth on the Internet


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