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Press Release -- July 16th, 2010
Source: CenturyLink
Tags: Video

CenturyLink Brings Wireless High Speed Internet to Fun Fest

Festival goers can now access the Internet, Blog, Facebook , Twitter, and stream video from targeted locations at Fun Fest

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KINGSPORT, TN – CenturyLink is partnering with Fun Fest to provide Wireless High Speed Internet at the popular festival’s events occurring in the Dobyns-Bennett High School and Memorial Park area. Fun Fest patrons and volunteers this year can access the Internet to do everything from surf the Net, blog, access FaceBook, Twitter, stream video, and anything else they choose to do over the Net. CenturyLink has made it possible for visitors to stay connected while enjoying the pleasantries of those FunFest events in that area. Fun Fest is held July 16-24.

The CenturyLink team worked aggressively the week before Fun Fest began to deploy Wireless High Speed Internet for the festival.

“This is one of many innovative ways we are looking at to support our communities in the Tri-Cities area,” said CenturyLink Vice President & General Manager Lottie Ryans. “CenturyLink is a premier broadband High Speed Internet provider across the U.S., and more importantly to us, in the Tri-Cities area. With our strong philanthropic focus, it makes sense for us to use what we are good at to provide solutions that support events that are most important to our communities. We are good at broadband and Fun Fest is one of the most important events in Kingsport in terms of economic impact.”

“In a fast-paced digital world everyone wants to stay connected regardless where you are,” said CenturyLink District Operations Manager Marchelo Maynor whose team will spend an estimated 200 hours preparing for the event and then working the festival.  “Even while having fun at a festival like FunFest, people in today’s world do not like to be far away from their communications devices.”

Fun Fest Chairman Stephen LaHair spoke to the value of having High Speed Internet accessible during the festival. “We are very excited and appreciative of CenturyLink’s support of Wireless High speed Internet at Fun Fest this year,” Lahair said.  “CenturyLink’s Wireless High Speed Internet will allow us for the first time ever to do such things as stream live video at the Crazy 8’s race. Patrons can access the streaming video and see what is going on at those Fun Fest events in the D-B area.  Those particular Fun Fest activities, like the Crazy 8’s race, can be transmitted over our various social media venues so that people anywhere can access and enjoy them.”

Kingsport Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director Jud Teague, and festival diector Lucy Fleming brainstormed with the CenturyLink team on possible festival solutions using broadband, including for vendors, patrons, staff, and security. CenturyLink provided similar solutions for Johnson City’s Blue Plum Festival held in June, the first time a similar solution has been provided in the Tri-Cities area.

CenturyLink is the new company formed when Embarq and CenturyTel merged July 1, 2009.

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a leading provider of high-quality broadband, entertainment and voice services over its advanced communications networks to consumers and businesses in 33 states. CenturyLink, headquartered in Monroe, La., is an S&P 500 company and is included among the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations. For more information on CenturyLink, visit

About Fun Fest

Now celebrating its 30th year, Fun Fest is a program of the Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce.  To purchase your fun Fest event tickets and apparel, visit the Fun Fest Store in the Kingsport Town Center.  For more Fun Fest information, visit

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