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Press Release -- June 22nd, 2010
Source: Hibernia Networks
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Deutsche Borse Systems Selects Hibernia Atlantic's Global Financial Network (GFN) For Diverse, High Performance Connectivity From Frankfurt To Chicago

SUMMIT, NJ & DUBLIN, IRELAND – June 22, 2010Hibernia Atlantic, the only diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider, announces today that Deutsche Börse Systems, the IT subsidiary of Deutsche Börse AG, has selected Hibernia’s secure Global Financial Network (GFN) for high performance, protected connectivity between Frankfurt and Chicago. Deutsche Börse Systems chose Hibernia’s GFN because of its full route diversity throughout the entire transAtlantic, long-haul network, as well as down to the local metro loop level.  The new high capacity route will serve Deutsche Börse Group’s large financial client base.  The route also avoids highly congested network areas, such as around the New York and London waterways, thereby offering security through physical diversity.

As a leading technology service provider in the financial sector, Deutsche Börse Systems offers a wide range of solutions to optimize the processes and systems of financial service and global capital markets providers.  The Deutsche Börse Systems network architecture provides the required low latency, high capacity and failsafe robustness. The new GFN high-bandwidth link Frankfurt–Chicago will be integrated into Deutsche Börse Systems’ backbone network, further improving routing diversity and latency performance.

“With the optimization and diversification of our ultra low latency network between the major financial hubs in Europe and the US, we provide a real benefit to our customers.” states Michael Girg, Director Networks Support of Deutsche Börse Systems. “Partnering with Hibernia for the critical transAtlantic routes gives us the flexibility and diverse connectivity needed to meet the most stringent demands of financial networks.”

Built upon 24,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable, with diversity at every level of the network, the GFN has over 100 Points of Presence (POPs) throughout North America and Europe.  With its unique combination of unprecedented diversity and low latency, Hibernia’s GFN offers some of the most reliable and fastest financial routes in the marketplace.

“Any network outage or lagging latency can translate to the loss of millions on the trading floors,” states Eric Gutshall, EVP of Sales and Marketing of Hibernia Atlantic.  “We’ve engineered the GFN specifically to address the demanding performance requirements of the financial sectors, further ensuring our clients maintain their competitive advantages.  We are committed to our industry-leading SLAs and to delivering active services very fast.”

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About Hibernia Atlantic’s GFN:

Hibernia Atlantic’s Global Financial Network (GFN) is a financial exchange connectivity division of Hibernia Atlantic, the Trans-Atlantic, high-bandwidth, connectivity provider. Built on over 24,000 kilometers of network, GFN connects the world’s largest exchanges’ datacenters to its direct participants through secure and diverse dedicated, high bandwidth, ultra low-latency Ethernet and optical-level service from 1-GigE, 10-GigE, LanPhy wavelengths and traditional SONET/SDH services. Utilizing the Hibernia Atlantic diverse and secure backbone, GFN offers world-leading broker dealers, hedge funds, market data providers and other financial firms over 100 Points of Presence (PoPs) into key capital market cities in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Ireland and mainland Europe. For more information, please visit

About Hibernia Atlantic:

Hibernia Atlantic is the only American-owned, diverse transAtlantic high bandwidth connectivity provider.  Hibernia is a subsidiary of Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC).  It is a transAtlantic submarine cable and terrestrial fiber network that offers over 100 redundant network Points of Presence (PoPs) throughout Canada, US, UK and mainland Europe on over 24,000 kilometers of network.  Hibernia provides secure and diverse dedicated Ethernet, DTM and optical-level service up to GigE, 10G and LanPhy wavelengths and traditional SONET/SDH services. In addition, Hibernia offers wholesale capacity prices, unparalleled support, flexibility and service. For more information on Hibernia Atlantic’s cutting-edge network or to view their corporate video, please visit

For Hibernia Atlantic business inquiries, please contact Melissa Butler at 908-988-1990 or

To view Hibernia’s corporate overview video, please click here:

For Hibernia Atlantic media inquiries, please contact:

Jaymie Scotto & Associates


About Deutsche Börse Systems:
A Deutsche Börse Group company, Deutsche Börse Systems is an IT service provider for developing and operating IT systems. As the leading technology provider in the financial sector, Deutsche Börse Systems offers its customers a high degree of reliability, speed, innovation and cost efficiency. The company is also a service provider for other Deutsche Börse Group segments. Deutsche Börse Systems also offers a wide range of solutions to optimize processes and systems for financial service providers for other international exchanges and partners. Deutsche Börse Systems also maintains a data center in Chicago via the wholly-owned subsidiary Deutsche Börse Systems Inc.

About Deutsche Börse Group:

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the world’s leading exchange organizations and provides investors, financial institutions and companies access to global capital markets. The business covers the entire process chain from securities and derivatives trading, clearing, settlement and custody, through to market data and the development and operation of electronic trading systems. For more information on Deutsche Börse Group please visit:

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