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Press Release -- January 14th, 2010
Source: EdgeCast Networks
Tags: CDN, Content Delivery, Video


  • Company now connects to more than 800 networks around the world

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 14, 2010 — EdgeCast Networks, the superior, cost–effective rich media content delivery network (CDN), today announced major upgrades to its global network, bringing online two new strategic points of presence (POPs) in 2010 – Singapore and Paris. Additionally, the company’s content delivery network now interconnects with more than 800 user networks around the world, making EdgeCast one of the world’s best-connected and fastest CDNs.”

“With these new points of presence, we bring our customers content even closer to their end users’ digital doorsteps in both Asia and Europe,” said Alex Kazerani, CEO of EdgeCast Networks. “Further, we now connect directly to more than 800 end-user networks and ISPs across the globe – and this growing footprint means our customers can often serve content directly to the network their end users are connected to – completely bypassing the increasingly-congested public Internet. This means our customers can be confident that even their largest files will be delivered quickly to any computer in the world.”

The greatest challenge for content distributors is to overcome the bottlenecks of an increasingly congested Internet, especially at long distances and when content travels through many “hops”. Every one of these hops introduces a delay, and in many cases they introduce significant latency and negatively impact the end user experience. This results in choppy videos, unreliable web applications, and other usability problems. Next-generation CDNs such as EdgeCast bring the files dramatically closer to the end user – resulting in a significant increase in performance and usability. In an increasing number of cases, customer content can be served directly to the network a user is connected to, eliminating the need for transit over the public Internet.

For example, a New York-based entertainment company can now use EdgeCast to serve HD videos to South Asian viewers directly from a Singapore server to the user’s ISP network in Singapore, rather than streaming the content along Internet routes from a far more distant location. The difference in quality and performance between these two approaches is obvious and dramatic.

The Singapore point of presence completed testing this month and is now online. The Paris point of presence is scheduled to go live in the first half of this year.

Media contact
Anthony Citrano
(310) 396-7400 x7255

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