Press Releases for Verizon

September 22, 2014   

How JetBlue Uses Cloud Technology to Enhance Customer Service and Drive Success

September 18, 2014   

Why it Pays to Be a Digital Leader in the Manufacturing Market

September 17, 2014   

10 Business Continuity Tips for Companies and Government Agencies

September 10, 2014   

Tesco: The Service Behind the Story (Part 2)

September 10, 2014   

Verizon Global Wholesale Adds Content Delivery Network to Its Advanced Services Portfolio

September 10, 2014   

Verizon Wireless Selects Tower Cloud to Connect New Small Cell Deployment at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park

September 10, 2014   

Verizon CEO Encourages Transportation Industry to Reinvent Business Models

September 10, 2014   

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam: Keynote Speech at Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITS) World Congress

September 8, 2014   

Verizon Expands Access to Intelligent Transportation Options with Verizon Auto Share

September 8, 2014   

Verizon Deploys Fleet Management Solution for Caltrans

September 4, 2014   

3 Cloud Services That Can Help CIOs Reach the Pillars of Healthcare

September 3, 2014   

Verizon to Tackle 21st Century Challenges in Intelligent Transportation at ITS World Congress

September 3, 2014   

Verizon Digital Media Services Launches Tailored Solutions for Media and Entertainment Industry

September 3, 2014   

4 Strategies to Secure Your Enterprise Cloud

September 2, 2014   

Top Security Trends Driving Enterprise Spend Through 2018

August 27, 2014   

5 Key Insights on Internet of Things and Manufacturing

August 26, 2014   

Who needs User Names and Passwords?

August 26, 2014   

Cloud Enables Shared Services for State and Local Governments

August 25, 2014   

Verizon Plans Major Expansion of Its On-Site Green Energy Program; Company on Track to Become Largest Solar-Power Producer Among U.S. Communications Companies

August 21, 2014   

7 Benefits of Switching to a Pay-As-You-Go Database Subscription Model

August 20, 2014   

4 Factors Driving the Emergence of Digital Manufacturing

August 13, 2014   

How Can Government Projects Succeed?

August 12, 2014   

Verizon Helps Kids Be Kids at Diabetes Summer Camp

August 7, 2014   

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Data Breach Investigation

August 7, 2014   

Verizon Push to Talk Gets a 4G Upgrade

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